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Relationships are important to us, and we need to develop healthy relationships with God, with family, and with others. I meet many single women who are looking for a man to complete themselves.

Concentrate on becoming the woman that God created you to be, and you will not have to expose yourself to ungodly, unholy alliances that result in guilt and condemnation.

The battered woman feels trapped, and wonders if she will ever find a way out. Some continue living with abusive men thinking that things will change - they will get better.

Others have given up hope of the situation ever changing, and go from one storm to another, grateful for the lulls. The addictions and behaviors of the significant other control their thoughts and behavior. Prayer prepares you to practice tough love, make godly decisions and necessary changes.

Often, women are angry with God for His failure to intervene in situations that they actualized by their unwise choices. They seem eager to hold onto unhealthy relationships believing that they can change the other person, willing to stay no matter how great the emotional cost to them and their children. What kind of values and standards are we teaching our children?

Women living in abusive relationships often believe they are "right" and want God to correct the husband or significant other. On occasion a caller to our ministry becomes angry when we dare minister that God called her to peace, not to accept her husband's infidelities and endure abuses. There are several things we share with them.
  • God does not require you to live with abuse. Once when the crowd wanted to throw Jesus off a cliff, He turned and walked away.

    Change begins with you, and change brings change. God has instructed us to put on the new nature created in Christ Jesus - give up old behaviors, change our attitudes and thoughts to agree with His will. When we enable others to sin against us we become a partner in their sin and its penalties.
  • Do not isolate yourself believing that no one else has ever suffered as you. The Word says that our sufferings are common to man. Attend a local church were you can receive godly counseling and guidance.

    Today, many churches have support groups where you will encounter those who understand your distress from personal experience. As they share the comfort they have received, you are comforted and encouraged.
  • We pray with them asking God to give them the courage to take the action necessary to protect themselves and their children.

    When everyone we have trusted betrays us, it is difficult to trust a God we cannot see. "Oh, for grace to trust Him more." Feelings of insecurity often control a woman's decisions to stay in an unhealthy, dangerous situation.

    One emotionally crippled woman shared that it was worth being abused to feel loved during peaceful times. She was able to walk away when she embraced the truth that Jesus loves me! Do not give up who you are created to be, or compromise your convictions to win the praise and approval of others.
Live truly, speak truly, and deal truly in all the affairs of life. Make your ear attentive to skillful and godly Wisdom. Wisdom that comes from heaven is...wholehearted and straightforward and sincere (James 3:17 TLB).

Walk in truth developing the fruit of the spirit, and follow the Holy Spirit in every area of your life. Choose your priorities. "Seek (aim at and strive after) first of all His kingdom and His righteousness (His way of doing and being right)..." (Matt.6:33 AMP).

Hide God's Word in your heart. Know His teachings. They are true life and good health for you. Carefully guard your thoughts because they are the source of true life. Never tell lies or be deceitful in what you say (Prov. 2:2-4 CEV).

When you maintain godly integrity, you will walk in righteousness, in love, and in obedience to the Word of God.

Many women are controlled by the fear of never marrying, of being alone, of never having children - and the list goes on. Satan takes advantage of these fears and works his schemes to defeat and destroy women.

Satan has hated women since Genesis 3:15. God said to him, "From now on you and the woman will be enemies, as will your offspring and hers. You will strike his heel, but he will crush your head."

Jesus, our Savior, defeated him, stripped him of his power and authority. Today, we are the enforcers of the triumphant victory of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is time for each individual woman to arise, determine her worth and set high standards according to the will and purpose of God.

Unmarried women look at their married sisters, and cry, "You don't understand!" Many married women would gladly exchange their marriage problems for those of a single person. Some believe a woman is incomplete and made to feel "less than" worthy as a person without a mate.

If single and married women could have an open forum, both would discover that wholeness comes out of a personal relationship with Christ Jesus our Lord. You are complete in Him.

More than one married woman has said, "I can't find myself. I don't know who I am. Why do I feel unfulfilled? What is wrong with me? I feel so fragmented." Many times they blame the spouse. The chastisement needful to obtain our peace, emotional healing, and wellbeing was upon Jesus (Isaiah 53:5).

When Jesus came and dwelt among us He revealed Jehovah as a loving Father. As you develop an intimate relationship with Him, you will learn to appreciate and to love yourself, and then, you can receive love and risk loving others.

Before beginning the day, prepare yourself by spending time in prayer and meditation. Yes, I am in ministry, and I love my work. Each day before I go to the office, I allow time to pray, meditate, and read God's Word and other helpful, inspiring materials for personal growth.

When my children were home I had to rise early to have the necessary quiet time with my Father in prayer and Bible study. Jesus is made unto us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption (1 Cor. 1:30).

Prayer is conversation with our Heavenly Father. Take time to talk with Him and listen for His quiet, gentle voice. He knows your present circumstances and your future, and has already provided exactly what you need for the day.

Collect your thoughts and prepare to take care of the daily activities. May God receive glory and honor as we go about our daily routines. I pray that others will come to know our Father Who is in heaven just because we have been in prayer with Jesus.

Oh, what manner of love has the Father bestowed upon you that He would call you His daughter! You are a daugher of the Most High God. He equips you to overcome obstacles and to succeed in every area of your life. You are God's woman!

Source: Prayers That Avail Much For Women by Germaine Copeland.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

Author Biography

Germaine Copeland
Web site: Prayers That Avail Much
Germaine Griffin Copeland, founder and president of Word Ministries, Inc., is the author of the best selling book series Prayers That Avail Much. She is a woman of prayer and praise whose highest form of worship is the study of God's Word. Her greatest desire is to know God.

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