A man should stand in his role and hear from God for his family.

Adam did this. He heard from God personally; he knew firsthand what God said about the trees of the garden.

Every member of the family should seek God's face and commune with Him themselves, but there is a special mantle on a man to lead his family. The only way a man can hear from God is by spending time with God (even if it means turning off the football game to do it).

Frankly when a woman knows that her husband has heard from God, it is pretty easy for her to follow his lead in most things. Yet she has to hear from God as well so she can help her husband in his weak or blind areas (and every man has them in abundance).

Sir, if you are going to be the leader of your home, you must understand that leadership always carries a burden of responsibility. There is no such thing as a free ride. That goes for leadership in any area, whether it is in the home, the local church, the community or the nation. Laziness and leadership just don't mix.

Communicate With Your Family
Second, every husband must communicate with his wife. Communication is the key to healthy, happy relationships and lifelong marriages. The days of "the strong, silent type of man" who cannot or will not talk to his spouse are over.

The only way to fulfill your biblical duties to everybody in your family is to communicate. You have to talk to your children and spend time talking with your wife. (Remember that true communication is a two-way street of listening and talking, not just talking.)

Adam did well when he heard a sure word from God and then communicated it to his wife, Eve. Things began to go downhill from that point, however.

When Eve told the serpent what her husband had said God said, Satan laid aside his subtle ways:
And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.
(Genesis 3:4,50)
What would you have done in Eve's situation? If you didn't have the Bible, if you weren't present during the conversation and if your original source wasn't around, you would be in a difficult position. The problem is that Adam was there during the serpent's assault on Eve's faith.

When the serpent challenged God's words, Eve should have pointed that snake directly to the man who was there. Adam had the authority and personal assurance of a first-hand witness, so he was equipped to deal with the devil.

It is certain that Eve was just as intelligent and valuable as Adam, but in that discussion with Satan she was out of position.

Adam wasn't out picking roots or counting animals while all of this was going on with Eve. Genesis 3:6 tells us Adam was "with her." He was standing there the whole time, just listening to that snake work over his wife with the tongue of doubt and unbelief.

Remember that we are talking about the devilish devices and sin traps that cause people to fall. Satan's tricks have not changed, and this interchange reveals two serious pitfalls that are classic techniques the devil uses against Christians every single day!

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