God designed sex to be experienced only in the context of marriage. He knew it would take the love that only a lifelong commitment can bring to get the most satisfaction.

Sex was God's idea! He invented it. He knows how it will be the best! Imagine God and Jesus thinking of how to make humans reproduce. I cannot help thinking one looked at the other and said, "NO WAY, ARE YOU SERIOUS?" The other said, "WAY!"

God wants you to have an awesome sex life, and the best way is to be with only one person your whole life. That's it. No regrets, no shame, only pure sexual intimacy the way it was designed to be experienced: in marriage!

The world has already blown it, so, of course, they are going to tell you to go for it before marriage. How would they know how great it could be getting married as a virgin?

In fact, why do we listen to what they say about sex anyway? They are experts on sex, and they don't even know the God who created it? How could they know anything about it that we would want to know or try?

Source: Quit Playing With Fire by Ron Luce.
Excerpt permission granted by Teen Mania Ministries