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I'm going to teach you how to get into God's wisdom. But I want you to know first of all whether or not you are operating in godly wisdom now, and admit it. The reason why pride goes before a fall is because pride will not let you change when you're going the wrong way.

I don't know why they say this about men because I've never been this way, but they say that a man will get on a road driving somewhere with his wife, and that he will not ask for directions.

"Honey, don't you think maybe it's the other way?" she asks.

"No," he responds, "it's this way, I know it's this way."

"Baby, we've been driving for two hours and this dirt road doesn't seem like a highway."

"It's a shortcut I got."

"Darling, why don't you stop at this gas station and just double check?"

"I ain't stopping at no gas station girl. Shut up, I'm driving."

I've never been that way because I'm not interested in wasting time. I'm a stickler for time. If I don't know, I don't know. It doesn't mean I'm stupid because I don't know. In fact, I think I'm smart to recognize I don't know.

Pride will keep you driving in the wrong direction and take you 100 miles out the way. You don't want that woman to think you're dumb. That woman doesn't think you're dumb. If she thought you were dumb, she wouldn't get in the car with you. She wouldn't let you get behind the wheel of something that could kill her if she thought you were dumb.

In a previous article on this subject, I talked about how to identify ungodly wisdom. Well, here's one other thing—it produces bad fruit. The result at the end of the day is not good fruit, it's bad fruit.

This is how you know the difference between godly wisdom and ungodly wisdom. If you take these things and compare them with what's happening, compare them with the decisions you have made, and the decisions you are making now, you will get a clear picture as to why we are where we are.

What have we found out so far? We found out godly wisdom is a person. Jesus is wisdom. The Holy Ghost is wisdom. We found out there are two kinds of wisdom. Don't get into the place where unbelief describes itself as wisdom. We know that godly wisdom will produce happiness, long life, riches, honor, pleasantness, peace, safety, smoothness, good sleep, no fear, patience, makes things easier, witty inventions. That wisdom is pure, peaceable, gentle, easy to entreat, merciful, good fruit, not partial, has no hypocrisy.

"For the Lord giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding" (Prov. 2:6).

There are those three things. There's wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Knowledge is information. God gives you information out of His mouth. God gives you understanding out of His mouth. Understanding and comprehension. Then God gives wisdom out of His mouth, the ability to use that knowledge to its fullest potential, to its full extent. Of course, that which has come out of God's mouth is written down in what we call the Bible. Right here in the Bible is knowledge, is understanding, and is wisdom.

"He layeth up sound wisdom for the righteous: he is a buckler to them that walk uprightly" (Prov. 2:7).

The word wisdom in verse six means skilled. But here in verse seven, it means support, ability and help. God lays up support, sound support, sound ability, sound help. Why? Because he gave you wisdom, which is skill.

Out of God's Mouth
The Bible will teach you how to be skillful. Wisdom is skill. You can have skill on how to make money, skill on how to have great relationships, skill on how to raise children that are saved, sanctified, filled with the Holy Ghost, love God and love church. It takes skill to have promotion and be promoted up the ladder. It takes skill to walk in all the varying areas of life; skill is wisdom. It comes out of God's mouth.

Why would you get counsel from the ungodly? That isn't the kind of wisdom you want. It may be wisdom but it isn't godly wisdom. If I want to learn how to develop financially, I can find it out of God's mouth. It is right here in the Bible.

In the articles coming up, we're going to find out how to walk in this stuff, how to produce wisdom, how to flow in the wisdom of God. You mean that's available? Yes! It's available to you! His wisdom is available to you, and He's never made a mistake yet.

There is one baptism of the Holy Spirit, but there are many refillings of the Holy Spirit, because an individual who stays full of the Spirit is someone who can walk in skill and information given by God himself. God has the inside track on everything. All you need to be is willing to act on it.

I can tell you, the wisdom of God is going to change the way you do things. How God does stuff is different than the way we do stuff. What we're looking for is His end results. God's a winner. He's a winner, and He's good all the time, and He put that which makes Him win in you.

It is hidden, but not from you, it's hid for you. He hid it so Satan and his crowd couldn't get a hold of His wisdom. He has reserved His wisdom just for you. You're His child. You're His kid. There are certain things that belong only to members of the family. Your Father, God, has reserved sound wisdom and all the information you need in the anointing.

What happens when you have wisdom? The eyes of your understanding will be enlightened and you will know! That's a prayer Paul prayed. He prayed that we will walk in the wisdom of God. He prayed the wisdom of God would be manifest in us.

Here's something to pray. If you want to pray for other people and have a confession for yourself, here it is: "Father, grant unto me the spirit of wisdom and the spirit of revelation in the knowledge of God."

Remember, grace and peace is multiplied through the knowledge of God (2 Peter 1). You know what that means; the grace of God gets into every area of your life. Well, that wisdom is available for the believer. The spirit of wisdom and skill that was on Jesus is available to you now. James, chapter one says, if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God and God gives liberally if you ask him.

Keith Butler Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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Keith Butler
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Bishop Keith A. Butler is the senior pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center. Keith Butler is the founder and president of Keith Butler Ministries (KBM), an international organization established to take the life-changing message of the Gospel to "the uttermost parts of the earth." Through Live Your Faith Seminars and the establishment of our PISTIS School of Ministry in various locations, Keith Butler provides teaching of the Word of God on a variety of subjects such as how to live the life of faith, how to fulfill the call of God for your life, how to receive your healing, the importance of walking in love and many more topics. PISTIS is specifically designed to train ministers so that they are equipped to go out into their world and teach and preach Jesus effectively.

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