How can I be sure that my children will succeed in life?

The Bible is very clear on this subject. Notice this very reassuring Scripture: "Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it" (Prov. 22:6 NIV).

The Bible says if we train our children in the way they should go, that when they are old they will not depart from that training. Whatever we train children to do in their early years is what they'll practice and reflect the rest of their lives.

Training is the key to children's future success.

Let's take some time to talk about the training process. The Hebrew word translated as train in the above verse is the word chanak. According to Wilson's Hebrew dictionary, this word means: "to saturate as with stain or dye, permeate, or pervade."

It is referring to a process that causes our children to be permeated with the values of our choice. The atmosphere we permit our children to live in and the daily routine we put them through is currently training them. It's becoming a part of them!

That which we cause them to do over and over again becomes a part of them. A parent can put their children through godly routines that cause them to be saturated with good things. This will insure their success.

This is why it's very important to monitor the type of television programming your children watch and the type of music they listen to. Whatever they do or hear repeatedly becomes a part of them. Parents need to cause their children to develop godly routines in their lives. Whatever they presently practice and hear repeatedly is what they'll practice later on in life.

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