Ever hang around people that have a stronger relationship with God than you do? You know who they are. They just seem to know God more than you do.

I'm not talking about pride here and I'm not talking about religion or a "holier-than-thou" attitude! I'm talking about someone that has a strong relationship with God. They are people that have a deep hunger for God and usually hang out with Him in their own personal time (like reading the Bible, praying and worshiping Him, etc.).

So do you want good company? How hungry are you for the things of God? How hungry are you for godly relationships?

When you have good godly relationships, it will equate to a godly character in you. It will supernaturally make you hungry for the things of God; it will just make you want what the other person wants of God.

The hunger for God in you should be so great that you just seem to gravitate to others that are hungry for Him. You won't really care who the person is; if they're hungry for God, man, you will just end up sitting right there next to them.

Your attitude will become, "I want everything that they want so I'm going to sit right next to them. I don't care because I want to be hungry for God and I want to become maxed out in Him!"

Teenagers, I am more hungry for God each day that I'm alive and if there are other people that I can learn from, if there are other people that I can pull from, then I'm going to sit next to them and I'm going to talk to them, or I'm going to call them on the phone, or I'm going to email them!

I'm going to do whatever I can to get to know them better because they know God better than I do and I want to know God like THEY know God.

So I challenge you today, find somebody that is hungry for the things of God, sit right down next to them; learn all that you can learn from them. Don't forget to spend time alone with God worshiping Him and reading His Word. Not only will you grow, but someday very soon someone is going to sit down next to you!

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