I know a young couple who went through a really traumatic marriage tragedy. They were even Christians, active in church and the work of the ministry. But the devil began to attack their marriage.

The husband became discouraged and drifted into sin. He slipped into worldly practices. One thing led to another. Finally, he got involved in adultery. He left home. In spite of his actions, his wife didn't want a divorce.

But he divorced her anyway. So this wife thought, "Well, I'll just go on with my life. I'll try to be happy. I'll do something for God." She was thinking about going to Bible school, traveling and doing things for the Lord. And God saw her heart.

She thought it was too late - it was all over. The devil told her there was nothing in God's Word that pertained to her situation. She didn't know where there was healing for her marriage - wrecked by divorce.

One day as she was sitting in Lakewood Church listening to a speaker, God dealt with her heart and said, "My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. You don't have to lose your husband and your marriage." Then He spoke to her and said, "I want to restore your marriage!"

Remember, this is after they had already divorced. From that day on she began to seek God. About one year later, God got hold of this husband right before he married someone else and brought him home. What a miraculous healing took place!

Today this couple is reunited and working together for the Lord. They have a blessed and beautiful marriage.

But the point I want to make is that at first the wife really didn't know God's Word provides healing for broken marriages. The devil lied to her. But as soon as she knew the truth she grabbed hold of it and believed God to restore her home.

There Is Hope For You
There are so many hurting people today. They don't know how much God cares about their marriage. They don't know what God's Word has to say. They just know that they are desperate. They need help.

Perhaps you feel this way - you're discouraged and in despair. I want you to know that God does want to heal your marriage. If God can heal one marriage, He can heal all marriages. If God will heal one marriage, He will heal all marriages.

He wants to bring you and your mate together no matter how bad the situation looks. He's a Healer. Don't ever accept the lie of the devil that God's Word is silent on your marital needs. God does heal marriages.

Source: Six Lies the Devil Uses to Destroy Marriages by Lisa Comes
Excerpt permission granted by Lakewood Church