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Today we must stop the cycle of lack, poverty, depression, loneliness, divorce, sickness, child abuse, and anything else that has plagued our families for generations. We must declare that generational blessings are on the way for each of our families.
I believe we can all agree that the family is in desperate need of restoration. With the fragmentation of the traditional family and the lack of fathers in the home, coupled with increasing numbers of common-law marriages and same-sex marriages, we can easily conclude that we need help!

As divorce rates rise in our society and the number of single-parent families increases, statistics have shown that the blended family is becoming increasingly common. One in three Americans is now a stepparent, stepchild, stepsibling, or some other member of a stepfamily.

When we look back at God's original intent in creating the family through the lives of Adam and Eve, we can acknowledge that He had a plan and purpose for the union of the man and woman. Today, we are responsible to inquire of God concerning His vision and plan for the success of our families. Because our blended families are not going away, we must commit our families to daily seek God's plan and direction for our households.

Know that God's plan for you and your family is designed to filter down to the generations to come. The blessings of God usually extend beyond your immediate union. That is, God is interested in blessing you, your children, and your children's children for generations.

If Satan's plan was for curses to pass from one generation to the next, then God's plan must be for blessings to be handed down from parent to child. Plainly said, we are speaking of generational blessings that God the Father wants to bestow upon His children and the generations to come.

Desire God's Will for Your Family
The family vision that we speak of will come only from God and can be birthed only out of prayer and consecration before Him. In the next few days, gather your family together and seek the face of God for His plan and purpose for your life and the lives of your children. Desire God's will and pray at least three times a day. God will not disappoint you as you seek Him with a pure and sincere heart.

Stop the Cycle of Destruction
Today we must stop the cycle of lack, poverty, depression, loneliness, divorce, sickness, child abuse, and anything else that has plagued our families for generations. We must declare that generational blessings are on the way for each of our families. Our prosperity is directly related to the plan that God reveals to each of us. We must become families with vision, thereby avoiding the likelihood of perishing. Our hope and trust must be in Him, and we must rely upon Him. Our confidence must rest in the knowledge that God brought us together to fulfill His plan.

Will you say yes to your assignment? Your spouse is waiting on you. God is waiting on you. Most importantly, your innocent children are waiting on your answer. Your success in rearing your blended family is wrapped up in your yes to the will of the Father. The choice is now before you. Your yes to God's plan for you and your blended family is a big step toward making your family one.

Let's Pray
Father, in the Name of Jesus, we say yes to Your divine plan for our family. We, the __________________ (Insert your family's name.) family, submit our wills to Your will as we seek You both day and night. Lord, show us Your plan and purpose for our union. We trust You to bring every component of Your plan to life in us. Amen.

Family Exercises
  1. Decide on a special time for the family to pray. Seek God's face for His plan and His will. Pray until you get an answer from God.
  2. Write down the vision so that everyone will know what it is.
  3. Discuss your family's vision with your spouse first.
  4. Call a family meeting, and thoroughly discuss the vision with the entire family.
  5. Allow for questions, comments, and remarks before closing the meeting.
  6. Speak over the vision daily and declare that it shall come to pass in the Name of Jesus.
  7. Never allow yourself to lose sight of the vision. Remind yourself, your spouse, and the children of what God has spoken.
Scripture References
Isaiah 29:11
Habakkuk 2:2

Source: Becoming One Family 
by Steve and Donna Houpe
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers

Author Biography

Steve Houpe
Web site: Houpe Ministries
Bishop Steve Houpe is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Harvest Church International Outreach In Kansas City, Missouri. He is the loving husband of Dr. Donna Leah Houpe, as well as a proud father and grandfather.

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