God allows you and me to be rejected so that we can meet His expectations. Whether it is to do something, go somewhere, or be with someone, God uses rejection as a vehicle to drive us to our destinies. This brings me to a scripture that reinforces this truth.

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief corner stone. (Ps. 118:22 NKJV)

Peter explains that the stone was Jesus and the builders where the chief priests, scribes, and religious leaders of Jesus’ day (Acts 4:5-11). Jesus was rejected by them, but He turned out to be whom He claimed He was. He was the Christ. He is the cornerstone, though He was treated like a stone. There was a critical point in the final hours of his crucifixion. Had events happened differently from what we learned from scripture, mankind’s fate would have been altered considerably.

Between Jesus and Barabbas, a notorious criminal, people were given the option to choose who was to be set free and who was to be crucified. They chose Barabbas to be set free and condemned Jesus to be crucified. Jesus was rejected. The rejection led him to his destiny, which was ultimately, on the cross. His died for our sins. Had he been accepted, then we would have been toast; because we’d have to pay for our sins. I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford it.

Notwithstanding, my point is that the rejection Jesus experienced led him to fulfill his destiny. Likewise, God uses that same route of rejection to help us all fulfill our destinies. With this in mind, look at Psalm 118:22 afresh with the perspective that you are that stone. If you noticed, the scripture said that the stone which was rejected by builders had become the chief cornerstone. The verse reveals that the stone was rejected by “builders” not destroyers.

It’s one thing to be rejected by someone who you really don’t know. It’s another thing when you are rebuffed, refused or restrained by a builder. I want you to think of a builder as someone who is simply supposed to build you up. That builder could be a spouse, significant other, parent, guardian, mentor, pastor, leader, family member, friend, or someone you look up to. It’s very painful to be torn down by someone who was supposed to build you up. It’s agonizing to be excommunicated by someone was supposed to embrace you.

Unfortunately, it’s the close people in our lives, at our jobs, at our schools, churches, or environments where we seek acceptance that often reject us. Furthermore, did you notice that the stone was just a stone before it got rejected? After the dismissal, the stone became something else. The stone became a chief corner stone. A corner stone is a foundation stone. It’s simply the foundation of the building. Jesus is the chief corner stone of the church. He is the foundation of Christianity.

With regard to you, the point I’m trying to make is that the stone was transformed by the rejection from just being a stone with no purpose, to a stone with purpose. What do you think of a stone? Let me tell you what I think. I think of something you step on, kick around, throw around, and play with. I think of something that is useless. God does not want you to be a stone. Unfortunately, people do treat us like stones. They step on us. They step on our dreams and self esteem.

They play with our emotions. They play us for a fool. They throw us around and throw us for a loop. Like a stone they discard us as useless and defective. Nevertheless, God uses their thrust to position us for his purpose for our lives. Just like the stone became a chief corner stone after being rejected, God uses the rejections we experience to propel us to our purposes. How is this so? Well, stay tuned for part 3 of this article.

O.J Toks
All rights reserved. Used by permission