For far too long, single living has been regarded in a negative light. Instead of being viewed as a time for spiritual growth and marital preparation, it is looked at as a time of loneliness and despair. In fact, most unmarried people are labeled as incomplete, picky, or emotionally unstable!

The thing many people forget is that God says it is okay to be single; however, it is not good to be alone (Gen. 2:18). What is the difference?

To be single means to be “separate, unique and whole.” Everyone possesses qualities that are unique to them! Your uniqueness must be developed and maintained throughout your life, whether you marry or choose to remain single. In fact, singleness is something that should be pursued before and during marriage because it allows you to maintain your individuality. The key to a satisfying, single life is to love yourself unconditionally and recognize that you are complete and not alone.

To be alone is to be “isolated” or “secluded.” God does not want us living isolated, secluded lives, but to exist in close fellowship with Him. Rather than searching for fulfillment through unfruitful relationships, focus on making God your primary Companion. In Hosea 2:19, God says we are promised to Him forever and that He will be a partner with us in righteousness, judgement, lovingkindness, and mercy.

God has personally chosen you to be His! By making Him your Partner and surrounding yourself with other believers, you not only ease the discomfort of loneliness, you also position yourself to experience a fulfilling single life. As you cultivate your relationship with Him through prayer and the study of His Word, you will become more content with your singleness and inevitably lay the foundation for a successful marriage!

God has a plan for you, and that plan includes having an intimate, one-on-one relationship with Him. I encourage you to continue building your relationship with God as He prepares you for your mate!

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