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I had just finished preaching in a large high school in the city of Tanza in the Philippines when Alex approached me. He had seen thousands of his classmates give their lives to Jesus and many receive healing in their bodies that day, but Alex had something on his mind. "I saw God heal these kids today," he said, "but what about inner healing?"

For the next twenty minutes, Alex shared with me how he had come from a wealthy, well-educated background, traveling throughout the world. But while his classmates looked at him as having it all together, Alex lived with mental torment. When he went to bed each night, thoughts of inadequacy and failure flooded his mind. Before I left the school that day, I invited Alex to attend our three-day crusade that was scheduled to kick off that night in Tanza. Alex came to the crusade each night, and each night I could see a change happening in him. As we were wrapping up the final night of the crusade, Alex came up to me with a huge smile on his face and said, "Thank you for changing my life."

What was it that changed Alex's life? He had so much going for him: education, money, and friends. But, he was still looking for something - something real. He finally found what his heart had been searching for. He finally found Jesus.

It is a new world for young people like Alex. Teenagers around the world are more connected, more informed, more influential than ever before. Nearly forty percent of the world's population is under the age of twenty, and huge companies are spending billions of dollars to develop the next technology for you to buy. Soon teenagers will be e-mailing videos and songs to friends from their mobile phones, using high-speed wireless Internet connections.

As I've traveled recently, I've seen teenagers hanging out in Internet Cafes in Guatemala, sipping Starbuck's coffee in Thailand, chatting on credit card size phones in Japan, and standing in line to purchase the latest boy band CD in the Philippines. The Internet, satellite TV, and global marketing have connected the world as never before, and the youth culture is leading the way. What's hot in New York or Los Angeles today will hit Tokyo tomorrow. You are just as likely to hear the latest song from Britney Spears (or one of her clones) filling the airwaves while shopping in Singapore as in your favorite mall around the corner. The world is definitely changing.

Consider these facts:

* Over fifty percent of the population in Hong Kong and South Korea use mobile phones.
* There are over eighty Starbucks in Tokyo.
* China has forty-five million mobile phone users and is adding two million new ones each month.
* Within three years, there will be up to forty-three million people in Latin America using the Internet.

What an amazing time to be alive! You belong to the most powerful generation on the planet. Teenagers and young adults are setting the trends in fashion, music, business, technology, media, and politics. Never before has there been such rapid increase in technology. Never before has the world been so connected. And never before has there been such an incredible opportunity for us to reach a global generation.

As we reach young people like Alex with the love and power of God, we are reaching the most powerful generation on the planet. In this world of web sites, satellite links, and mobile phones, teenagers around the world are searching for something they can't find in a virtual world. Let's give them something real!

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Rod Arnold
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Rod Arnold is founder of BrandSmart Marketing, a branding and marketing agency, and he lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with the love of his life, Michelle, and their four incredible children, Ben, Bo, Jackson and Lily.

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