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Dewai's mother didn't approve of his mohawk haircut or his Marilyn Manson CD's, but Dewai couldn't have cared less. He was 17 years old and feeling very independent.

You probably know of someone like Dewai. Like so many other teenagers, Dewai's rebellious attitude eventually led his mother to throw him out of the house.

There are thousands of sad stories like this on the streets of America. But what makes this story unique is that it did not happen in New York or San Francisco or Miami. It happened in China—in the northern Chinese city of Anshan, to be exact.

A Revolution Of Change
Just a few years ago, you would never have heard of such a thing happening in China. Dewai's story is a perfect example of how much life has changed there. In fact, no society in the world has been more transformed than has China in the last quarter century.

And during those 25 years, over 630 million Chinese have been born, representing half of China's current population. Now, you probably know that China is big, but do you know how big?

Think about it this way: There are more young people in China than the total population (that means everybody) in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and Russia combined. Now that's BIG!

Young people in China today are light-years away from their parents' generation. While their parents spent their teenage years preparing for a choice-less life under the communist system, today's young Chinese are on the cutting edge of fashion, music, literature, and popular culture.

They are the driving force in their nation. Chinese young people are not yet totally free, but they are coming of age in a time when there are more choices and more opportunities than ever before.

Quick-paced, Unhappy Lives
But the biggest problem facing Chinese young people today is not choosing a college or a career. The biggest dilemma facing them today is simply this—how to be happy. All their parents taught them was how to make as much money as they could as quickly as they could.

All the while, young people in China are left spiritually empty. They are disillusioned by the materialism they see around them. Most have never been exposed to religion, much less a powerful, real encounter with God.

Chinese young people today are full of ambition, but they have no direction. Like Dewai, they are a generation on a quest for purpose—searching for the meaning of life. And the good news is that we have the answer they are looking for!

Imagine hundreds of millions of young people desperately searching for something, and YOU have what they are looking for! I believe that these millions of Chinese young people will be reached in THIS generation—YOUR generation.

Never before in history has there been such an amazing opportunity to reach so many people—so many young people. We are the generation that will do it! We are the generation that will help open their eyes to the true meaning of life-their God-given purpose. We are the generation of DESTINY!

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Rod Arnold
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Rod Arnold is founder of BrandSmart Marketing, a branding and marketing agency, and he lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with the love of his life, Michelle, and their four incredible children, Ben, Bo, Jackson and Lily.

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