The salmon is known as a fish with a fighting spirit.  You have probably seen video of salmon as they fight the current to go upstream and lay their eggs before they die.

They not only fight the current to go upstream, but they also have to avoid bears on both sides of the stream trying to stop their most important accomplishment. It is a remarkable sight as they challenge the rapids, rocks, and bears to reach their destiny.

Salmon have a remarkable sense of direction as some of them travel as far as 2,000 miles to find the exact stream in which they were born. Somehow, they know the exact destination they must go to lay their eggs. They must go up that particular stream to fulfill their destiny.

Their purpose - to lay eggs and fertilize them - will multiply their impact on the next generation. The bears would like to eat salmon and end their journey prematurely. The bears actually want the eggs the salmon are carrying. Many times they will rip open the fish, eat the eggs, and leave the carcass.

Not Afraid To Go Upstream
The spirit of faith is necessary in every believer to fulfill the Divine destiny and purpose that God has for them. Hebrews Chapter 11 lists some of the men and women that fulfilled their destiny in their generation and multiplied the effect of their lives.

The words "by faith" and "through faith" are used 20 times. Here the strong spirit of faith is necessary to receive the promise and finish the course that God had planned or pre-planned.

God has an exact destiny or stream that you should go up to lay your eggs. Satan is not exactly just trying to stop you; he wants to get the eggs you are carrying. Satan knows that if you reach your destination and finish your course, you will lay some eggs that will bring multiplied blessing to your generation.

Destiny Multiplied Impact
The spirit of faith has two vital ingredients. I Believe...I Speak. Believing is the attitude of faith and speaking is the activity of faith. Believe...Speak Out...Act like the Bible is true.

Faith has a certain attitude and a certain activity. Fight the good fight of faith. Your faith will bring you to the exact stream you are to go up to deliver the goods necessary to multiply blessing to this generation and the next. When you fulfill your destiny, the impact of your life is multiplied a million times.  Jesus is the Author and the Finisher of your faith.

Faith opens the door to the supernatural and releases the will of God on the earth. If God can guide a salmon thousands of miles across the ocean to find the exact stream they were born in, He can get you to your destined place and help you go upstream, avoid the bears, and lay your eggs.

You can do all the will of God and you can get there from where you are right now with a spirit of faith. Say it now: "I have the same spirit of faith that Abraham, Sarah, Moses, David, and Paul had. I will finish my course with joy."

Mark Hankins Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.