One of the most satisfying things in the world is to fulfill a dream that has been in your heart for years.

Three things the Bible says about dreams:

1) Dreams come from the Lord.
I will pour out my spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams.
(Acts 2:17)
Prophecy, visions and dreams come from the Lord and they all deal with things that don’t exist yet. A few years ago at camp, I was watching our kids (about 100) during worship time. They were all at the front of the room worshiping Jesus passionately. I think there is something really special when children worship Jesus. The Bible calls it perfect praise.

The Lord spoke to my heart, “I want you to gather thousands of kids to worship me.” I had no idea how to do that. How do you gather thousands of kids to worship Jesus and even if you do get several thousand kids together in one place, how do you get them to worship?

I did the math. If 100 churches brought 20 kids each we would have two thousand. That made my dream believable. It took my dream of the realm of fantasy and into reality.

We scheduled our first Worship Weekend for April of 2000 at Emmanual Christian Center. We printed up brochures, created videos and made phone calls. We worked hard for eight months and 2,068 people participated in the first Worship Weekend.

Worship Weekend is one of the high water marks of my ministry, but it was not something I did for myself. I did it for my Lord, simply because He likes it when kids worship Him.

This is my point: Dreams come from the Lord! When you know it’s a heavenly vision it gives you the passion to pursue it.

2) Without a dream the people perish.
Without a vision the people perish.
(Prov. 29:18)
A dream that comes from heaven always benefits people. My dream for Worship Weekend was for the Lord, but it also was for the kids. When you are not walking out your dreams, you deprive others of your vision.

3) Without a dream you perish.
Your dreams are not just for the people, they are also for you. As long as you have vision you have life. So many people today are just going through the motions. They are what I call “The Walking Dead.”

If I am thinking about the past I am not thinking about the future. The Apostle Paul said it like this, “Forgetting those things that are behind, I press toward the mark of the high calling of God, in Christ Jesus.” It’s not time to quit. If you quit the team gets weaker. It’s not time to coast. It’s time to identify your dream and to press toward that dream.

What are your dreams?

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