Therefore let us go on and get past the elementary stage in the teachings and doctrine of Christ (the Messiah), advancing steadily toward the completeness and perfection that belong to spiritual maturity. Let us not again be laying the foundation of … eternal judgment and punishment. [These are all matters of which you should have been fully aware long, long ago.]
(Heb. 6:1-2 AMP)
God wants us to succeed in life, and one way we can define true success is to have a clear grasp on God’s teaching and doctrine.
It is imperative that we understand the teachings of Christ. According to Hebrews, understanding eternal judgment is part of the elementary stage of spiritual development. In other words, it is fundamental, introductory, primary, and foundational.*
The author of Hebrews tells us, “Let us not again be laying the foundation…” If you have a relationship with Christ, these are the basics. An understanding of eternal judgment should be well established. Unfortunately, for many Christians, this foundation is lacking.
God’s Word tells us of eternal judgment and punishment to come if we are not “advancing steadily toward the completeness and perfection that belong to spiritual maturity.” A key word in this verse is advancing. Is the trajectory of your walk with Christ moving you closer to completeness and perfection in Him? This is vital to success in God, and it can only be accomplished by His empowering grace.
Our eternal destiny depends upon an understanding of these fundamentals of the faith. Where we spend eternity, and what rewards or punishment we receive when we get there, will be determined by how well we comprehend and obey God while we are here on earth.
In His Word, God mentions hell far more frequently than He does heaven. He warns us that it is a place of torment, anguish, and suffering (see Luke 16:23). God desires our success in understanding His teachings because He loves us greatly. Like any good father—and He is a good Father—He desires to be with us. He desires for us to spend eternity in heaven with Him. Therefore, in love, he warns us of the perils of hell.
We must grasp these elementary doctrines not only to determine where we will spend eternity, but also to determine the level of rewards we will receive in heaven (see Revelation 2:23). So let’s do all that we can now to ensure we have a clear grasp of the elementary stages of our faith. We can set a foundation here on earth so that we can receive all God’s intended rewards when we step into eternity.

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