Seeing Jesus for Myself
All of a sudden, the angel stopped our chariot and said, “Kneel. He’s here.”

I felt weak then and fell to my knees. The angel handed me some fruit and said, “Eat this.” So I did.

As Jesus walked toward me, those children ran up to Him. They sang praises to Him, and He just hugged them. As the kids sang, He rejoiced with them.

To me, He looked like a shaft of light. He was so glorious!

He turned toward me, and I fell at His feet.

I said, reverently, “Oh, God!”

He said, “I’m here.”

As I was kneeling down, I noticed Jesus’ feet looked like burnished brass. I thought there would be scars in His hands and feet. But it wasn’t like He had been cut and scarred. I could see the holes in His feet. They were so big — about the size of a nickel — that light was shining through them. I realized then just how big the nails were that had been pounded into His feet and hands at His crucifixion.

We don’t realize how much Jesus suffered on the cross. There are no adjectives to describe what He really went through.

He put His hand on my shoulder and said, “Jesse, stand to your feet.”

I stood and looked at Him. There was a brilliance coming out of Him that seemed like waves of glory. The light was emanating from Him. His clothes were beautiful and looked like solid diamonds that were sparkling.

Jesus was taller than I thought He would be. I would guess Him to be from five feet eleven inches to six feet one inch.

I thought at first His hair was white; but when He turned His head, I caught a glance and saw that it was light brown. When He looked at me, the glory of God was emanating from Him.

I said, “Jesus!”

He said simply, “Do you like this place?”

I said, “Yes, Sir.”

“Tell My People I’m Coming”
The first thing I thought of doing was confessing my sins to Him. I said to Him, “I’m not the man I should be, I’ve made some mistakes.” When you get to heaven, all you want to do is repent!

But He said, “You’re forgiven. I made a plan of redemption.”

“Then what am I doing here? Why are You doing this?”

“I want you to go back and tell My people I’m coming.”

“But they won’t believe me,” I said.

“They didn’t believe it for centuries, but I came, and I am coming again.”

Then He put His hand on my shoulder. I’ll never forget it. He looked at me and said, “There are many things you shall see and learn here, but I have brought you here so that you will go tell My people I’m coming.”

I said, “They know that.”

“No, they don’t know that. I brought you here so that you would go tell them I’m coming. Do you hear Me? I’m coming. Go tell them.”

You may ask, “What does Jesus look like?”

Jesus is beautiful — not just handsome, but beautiful. When I looked into Him, I saw love and kindness. He is love.  He can look right through a person. Glory is emanating from Him. His eyes are like pools of love and He is the color of light.

As you reach out to hug Him, there’s an automatic reaction: He just grabs you. He can be looking at millions of people, yet you’re the only one He sees.

Then I said, “You took care of all those babies, didn’t You?”

“I never lose any of them,” He said.

Sometimes a thought would come into my mind, and before I could speak it, He would answer me.
In my mind I thought, I bet You’re mad at some of those people.

In response, He said, “No, I forgive them, for they know not what they do. But many have come to the knowledge of Who I am and they shall share their life and eternity with the gift I sent to the earth.” He spoke as if the Father were speaking through Him.

While talking with Jesus, I could see the great compassion that He has for those who haven’t received Him as their Savior. He asked me to tell you that He’s coming again soon!

I guess that’s why I haven’t rested in my life. There was such an urgency in His Voice. We must know something is up. Jesus is coming soon!

Maybe you’re wanting to see Jesus, to see heaven, to look at its flowers and walk on its streets of gold. Maybe you want to see the city with that glorious, magnificent skyline. Our natural mind can’t comprehend what God has for us. That’s why we need a new body: so that we will be able to consume what God has for us.

That’s why I want to tell everyone I meet to accept the fact that Jesus died in their place so that their sins would be forgiven. I have seen heaven and know what is waiting for everyone there. That’s why I want to see people trusting Jesus as the Lord of their life and enjoying the blessings that the Father has for them.

Source: Heaven: Close Encounters of the God Kind by Jesse Duplantis
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers