I had a minister tell me one time, "You know, I notice you've never had any financial trouble in your ministry."

I looked at him and said something that I think will help you better understand God's position in your life. I said, "Well, if God doesn't meet
my need, He doesn't meet His need."

He said, "What do you mean?"

"I'll say the same thing that Paul said, except that I'll take it out of Philippians. I'll say my (meaning Jesse's) God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."

My God has needs. That's right, He has my needs. When I got saved He adopted me as His child and has become my El Shaddai, my Provider. That is why I feel comfortable in calling Him "My God!" Why? Because He is my God!

When Paul spoke of God, he got personal and also called Him "My God." He said, "My God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" (Phil. 4:19). Now did Paul have a need? What was his need? Well, nothing for himself. Everything Paul was doing was God's work!

The reason I feel so confident asking God to meet the needs in my life is that I too have been doing God's work! Since 1978, everything I have been doing has been the work of God! So, if God doesn't meet my need, He doesn't meet His need!

I'm not going to hurt over it. He's the one that is going to hurt if the need isn't met. Why? Because it's His work. It is His need.

God Always Meets His Need
If He tells me to go on ten more television stations, or if He tells me to go do twenty other things that cost megabucks, it really doesn't make that much difference what the cost is.

Why? Because I can't generate it on my own anyway. It is God's project - not mine. If He tells me that He wants me to do it, I don't mind because I know that He is the One Who is going to have to start generating the funds to do the work!

But I've found something out. God always meets His need! If He wants it, He'll get it done! And He will use whoever will be obedient to His voice.

So, when God tells you to do something that is impossible in the natural, don't sweat it. It may look impossible. But that very impossibility is why it will work. Faith works in the realm of impossibility. And when you extend yours and start believing that it is possible, your faith will produce the manifestation.

When the manifestation arrives, God alone will get the glory because without His intervention you never could have done it!

Do you understand what I'm saying? See, that's faith! That's an attitude of faith in action! So, you make a decision and then you take a step out of the boat. You start walking on the impossible until you reach the goal.

Some ask, "Well, are you expecting to sink?"

"No, because it's His need."

"Well, suppose that He doesn't supply His need?"

"Then He'll go without! And God is not about to do that!"

Now I know this sounds a bit strong, but listen to me. If you want to walk by faith and see the impossible made possible, then you've really got to get this in your heart.

Faith only works when you believe! You must truly believe that God is the One giving you the command to come out onto the water.

You must truly believe that He will supply you with the means to do what you have to do. Without belief, without faith, you are destined to sink. But with faith you are destined to be a water-walking disciple!

Source: God is Not Enough...He's Too Much! by Jesse Duplantis.
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers