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How To Be Blessed
God wants your life blessed. Did you know that? He really does. There is a life that God blesses. There is also a life that God cannot bless.

We see examples in the Bible of people who lived a life that pleased the Lord and they were so blessed by the Lord that they lived lives with a happy, forgiven heart.

They lived long lives, they were strong and healthy, they had lots of great friends, they were rich, they were influential, and they were mightily used by God. Is that the kind of life you would like?

There were others who always had bad attitudes and lived lives of rebellion that didn't please the Lord. They died early, were sick and weak, were unhappy and depressed. Even in a crowd or at a big party, they were lonely and surrounded by people who said they were friends, but in reality were just as selfish as they were.

They were always poor and broke, they were losers and used by the devil to do evil and live boring, empty lives.

What kind of life do you want? What kind of life does God really want you to have?

God Wants You to Have a Wealthy, Enjoyable Life

  1. Who gives the power to become rich? (Deut. 8:18)
    What are we to remember?
  2. What will God supply? (Phil 4:19)
  3. What does God want us to give to Him? (Mal.3:10)
    What will God do for us?
  4. What are we to do? (Luke 6:38)
    What will happen if we become giving people?
    What type of things can we give to people?
    Have you thought of giving compliments, smiles, friendly notes, any of your toys, candy or other things that are valuable to you?
    If you will learn to share the things you have with others and be a generous giver when you are a kid, the Lord will bless your life. He will be sure you have more than enough stuff.
  5. Who prospers? (Proverbs 11:25)
    We can give a little or we can give a lot! God compares our giving to a farmer planting seeds. If a farmer plants a few corn seeds, how big will his corn crop be? If a farmer plants a lot of corn seeds, how big will his corn harvest be?
  6. When we give, what should our attitude be? (2 Cor. 9:6-8)
    Should we feel pressured to give?
    What does God love?
The Secret To Living Life To The Max
Remember these two words: Listen and Obey!

If we will listen to God and his Word and then obey the things He tells us, we will live an abundant life to the max! Remember, you have to choose!

You will prosper in everything you do, if you will do what? (Deut. 29:9)

Just Do It! Take Action
Now it's time to just do it! Let's take action on what we have studied. I want you to take a few moments to think about your relationship with the Lord. Is there any area of you life in which God has asked you to do something? To not do something?

For example: Has He ever told you to obey your parents? Has He told you to forgive others? Has he told you to love people? Has He told you to honor your teacher?

Has He told you to quit saying certain bad words? Has He told you to be generous toward others? Has He asked you to give something to someone to bless them? Has He asked you to apologize?

In your conscience, is there any area of your life that God wants you to correct because right now that area is not pleasing to the Lord? Are you willing to obey the Lord in these areas? Are you ready to choose life? God wants you to live the life He blesses and it begins with you making good choices.

Source: Getting A Grip On The Basics For Kids
by Beth Jones
Excerpt permission granted by Valley Press Publishers

Author Biography

Beth Jones
Web site: Valley Family Church
Pastors Jeff and Beth Jones serve as the Founding & Senior Pastors of Valley Family Church. Pastor Beth is a gifted leader, teacher and writer and is passionate about helping people "get the basics" of their christian faith. She's an anointed communicator, hilarious and full of joy as she shares the gospel in a real and relatable way.

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