Some time ago, as I was preparing to minister, I had determined in my heart to spend much time in fellowship with God. I arose even earlier than usual to be in the Word and in prayer.

Thursday of that week, the Lord supernaturally visited me in my hotel room. He shared some powerful things with me and instructed me to share them with the Body of Christ. As His presence filled the room, He said this to me, "My people are in financial famine and I'm giving you the assignment to go tell them how to get out."

Historically, every time God's people as a whole entered into bondage, the only way they were delivered was by divine intervention. In each case, God would supernaturally visit someone, and assign them to take a message to His people.

The people have to receive the one appointed by God as His messenger. I have received just such an assignment from the Lord, and I am being obedient to Him and taking the message of deliverance from financial bondage to His people.

When God visited me, He let me know that He is going to bring about some tremendous miracles in these last days for the Body of Christ where finances are concerned. However, even though He is going to divinely intervene on our behalf, there are conditions that have to be met.

God insists that we consecrate ourselves wholly unto Him. This is the only way we will enter into divine prosperity.

Abraham's Prosperity
Let's look at the life of Abraham, the Father of Faith. He was a godly man who completely consecrated and dedicated his life to Jehovah. Consequently, he became a very wealthy man. But Abraham never pursued these blessings.

He never sought after riches and wealth. He sought Jehovah. Because his motivations were right, Jehovah Jireh - the Source of Supply and Provider of all - manifested Himself in Abraham's life.

God saw to it that Abraham did not lack for anything.

On the other hand, his nephew Lot, a greedy, selfish man, was very ambitious to become wealthy. As you know, it produced bondage and Abraham had to go and rescue him from his captors.

Jacob was another who witnessed the prosperity of his grandfather, Abraham. He was about fifteen years old when Abraham died. Evidently, he did not learn very much about walking with God as Abraham had. He wanted wealth and riches, and he would do anything to get them.

The Bible teaches us that God desires for His people to prosper; yet at the same time, there are strong warnings against deceitfulness, dishonesty, usury, and oppression of the poor to become wealthy.

If you do not heed these warnings, the result will be bondage. Jacob had been a deceiver, and consequently, he entered into bondage.

Bondage Always Comes
As a Result of Disobedience,
Rebellion, Lethargy, and a
Neglect of Obeying God's Word.

However, if there is repentance, God will forgive you, and help you make a fresh start. When Jacob came face to face with God, he had a heart-changing experience, and began to seek God first, he was then blessed by God. The Lord even changed his name from Jacob to Israel, which means the "Prince of God."

I want you to understand something that is very important. The Bible reveals to us the stories of people who failed, who made mistakes, and did things under pressure that they shouldn't have done. They missed God and got into trouble.

Yet God forgave them. The moment they repented and became obedient to His laws, He would cause His blessings to come upon them. The Bible is also a story of grace, and of God's mercy and forgiveness.

God is no respecter of persons. He will also forgive you for any disobedience and then move supernaturally on your behalf to deliver you.

Source: How to Overcome Financial Famine by Jerry Savelle
Excerpt permission granted by Jerry Savelle Ministries