There is plenty of wealth in the world, but before you can become prosperous, you must first settle in your heart that God does not want you to accept or live with poverty.

Seven Mind-Sets That Oppose Poverty
  1. It is God's desire that I prosper (3 John 2).
  2. God thinks nothing is too good for me. (Prov. 24:4).
  3. God wants me to have the best (Ps. 35:27).
  4. I should be an obedient giver (Mal. 3:8).
  5. God gives me power to get wealth (Deut. 8:18).
  6. This world's wealth can and will come into my hands (Prov. 13:22).
  7. God's covenant with me through Christ is the same as Abraham's (Deut. 28, Gen. 12, Gal. 3:29).
How Much Wealth Is in the World?
The answer will amaze you and increase your expectation of how much money God can put in your hands.

Let's look at the value of some common substances found on God's earth. During the next twenty years, at today's production rate and values (not counting future inflation), we will produce $51.48 trillion in copper, gold, silver, aluminum, iron, tin, zinc and lead, and another $52 trillion in oil, barley, corn, meat, rice and wheat.

Add $383 trillion in conservatively-estimated worldwide coal reserves and another $600 trillion in non-coal electric energy reserves. These 16 items alone total more than $1,082 trillion in new wealth!

One reliable source estimated that 88 percent, or $134 billion, of all legally-circulated U.S. currency is unaccounted for! Federal economists speculate much of it is "on-hand" cash kept in people's pockets or in private stashes under beds, in walls or buried in backyards. Some is probably overseas, and criminals and drug kingpins - the wicked of our society - have much of it.

Amazingly, up to sixty times more $100 bills are in circulation than $1 bills! No wonder Christians have so much trouble getting their hands on money. They are going after $1 bills and those are in shortage! They need to start going after those $100 bills!

U. S. News and World Report on January 13, 1986, reported there is one millionaire in every 100 U.S. households. About 80 percent of all millionaires come from middle or working class families.

Wealth really is possible for you. It is not as scarce as you are often led to believe. Once you grasp that, God can start directing it into your hands.

Remember how a few years ago many said the exploding world population soon would leave no room for anyone? Despite that gloom and doom, the simple truth is: earth's resources can support our multiplying humanity at higher standards of living than man has ever known!

It is said that if we stood all the world's people together without touching - allowing 2.6 square feet for each person - they would fit into the Jacksonville, Florida city limits with plenty of room to spare.

Do you honestly think God would allow billions of people on this earth without room enough to live? Of course not. And the earth's ability to absorb man's population is only improving.

Source: Basics of Abundance by John Avanzini
Excerpt permission granted by HIS Publishing Company