We are going to have to stop being need-conscious and become seed-conscious.

If you are in deep poverty, and if you are going through much trouble and hard times, the devil will try to tell you that you cannot afford to give. If you believe that lie, and refuse to give to meet the needs of others and of God's work, you will cut yourself off from the very source of your own supply.

If you have great needs, never let Satan convince you that you can't afford to give. In order to receive, you must give; to reap, you must sow. And remember, you are not alone or unique in this respect. This is true of every Christian.

A few years ago, Carolyn and I were probably under the greatest financial pressure of our entire lives. Because of all the ministry projects and personal undertakings we were involved in, we had tremendous financial needs and obligations. At the time I delivered this message in a believers' convention, for example, we were involved in building a clinic in Kenya - we were also building our new headquarters in Fort Worth and constructing a new home.

But God brought us through these and many other crucial times. The first phase of the clinic was completed and has begun treating, on the average, 125 people a day. The headquarters has been built and we are in our new home.

So I have needs: personal, professional, financial, and spiritual; just as you do. But I have found that God is faithful; He always meets my needs. Usually the way He does that is by directing my attention away from my own needs to those of others.

Instead of talking about my need, He speaks to me about my seed. He keeps telling me to give.

He says, "Plant a seed."

I am convinced that this is the way He is dealing with you too. But you have to be careful and not allow the devil or other people to talk you out of your giving. Because that is the way you reap - by sowing.

Now, I know you have heard that for years and years. Virtually every Christian church I know of preaches that same Biblical principle: "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

But every true Christian leader knows that we reap what we sow. The believers to whom Paul was writing knew it too. But they had to be stirred up about it. And so do we.

Source: How God Supplies Your Every Need by Jerry Savelle.
Excerpt permission granted by Jerry Savelle Ministries