The Bible reveals a law regarding sowing and reaping which I call the law of quantity. Second Corinthians 9:6 says, "He who sows sparingly reaps sparingly, he who sows bountifully reaps bountifully."

It is not only how you sow and what kind of seed you sow, but the quantity of seed that you sow that has a bearing on the size of the harvest you will reap.

If you sow little, you get little. If you sow much, you get much. That's spiritual law. You know as well as I do, if a farmer sows only 10 acres, then he can expect only 10 acres in return. It's the law of seed time and harvest. If he sows 100 acres, then he can expect a 100 acre return.

Sowing much and reaping little is a violation of spiritual Law. If you're sowing much and reaping little, then you need to stop and analyze your ways. Don't question whether the Word is true or not. Don't question whether God is faithful or not—consider your ways.

"Why aren't the windows of heaven opening to me if I am a tither?" God honors His Word; so obviously, it's not His fault. He confirms His Word with signs following. There's nothing wrong with God. There's nothing wrong with the Word of God. There's nothing wrong with Jesus. There's nothing wrong with the Holy Ghost.

I know that it's highly improbable that you could be fowling things up, but let's just consider it. Look at your ways and find out what you're doing wrong and then correct it. Don't dwell on the fact that it's your fault because that will open the door to condemnation. Just repent, correct it, and move on with God.

I realize that this may be hard to swallow because we want it to be somebody else's fault. But the quicker we can face reality, the sooner we can correct the problem and get into the flow of God's best. God says, "Consider your ways," but what exactly is He referring to?

Let me define the word "ways". Ways means, "course of action, methods, and manners, conduct and behavior." This scripture would then be saying, "If you're sowing much and reaping little, consider your course of action, consider your methods and manners, consider your conduct and your behavior."

Do you think God's interested in our behavior? Do you think that my behavior has anything to do with whether or not spiritual laws work to my advantage? Do you suppose that I could live any way that I want and God would still cause His best to come to pass in my life? No; my behavior has a profound effect on what kind of results I get.

Wrong behavior can hinder, delay, postpone and even negate your harvest. It's bad enough that the devil is trying to stop your harvest—why should you help him in the postponement? It's time that we consider our behavior.

Source: Are You Tired of Sowing Much and Reaping Little? by Jerry Savelle
Excerpt permission granted by Jerry Savelle Ministries