This is the season when families gather together to express their love for each other and to celebrate the birth of Jesus. During this time, you always hear words such as Peace on Earth, Joy to the World, and Happy Holidays, but unfortunately, statistics have shown that the Holiday season has proven to be one of the most stressful times of the year for many people.

And a large majority of people suffer depression, loneliness, and even thoughts of suicide.

So how do you handle these thoughts that seem to overwhelm your mind? The same way you handle any thoughts that you allow to enter into your mind that are contrary to God's Word.

The greatest battles you will ever fight in your life are between your ears. Your mind is the battleground. Your mind is like a computer. It has to be programmed. And it is being programmed either with negative thoughts, ideas, and concepts, or positive thoughts, ideas, and concepts every day of your life.

According to this law of God in Galatians 6:7, man determines his own happiness or misery based upon the seeds that he sows. There are both positive seeds and negative seeds. And you and I stand in a very strategic place where we are the only ones in our lives who possess the authority to determine which type of seeds we will sow. You have been given that authority. No one else can determine that for you.

You have no one else to blame for the way you live right now but yourself. If your life is one of happiness, it's because you've sown seeds of happiness. If you live a miserable life, it's because your seeds have been negative seeds.

We can say, "Well, it's my wife's fault; it was my father's fault; I was abused; this happened to me when I was young." But that's not what the Bible says.

The Word says that a man's harvest in life depends entirely upon the seeds that he sows. So you have to take responsibility for your life. You have to take the responsibility for your outcome.

Many go back into their past, recall all the negative things that have happened to them, and use them as a crutch, and blame everybody else for their failures and their life of misery. But if you really want to change your life, then you're going to have to get a revelation of the fact that you, many times, are your own worst enemy.

No matter what you might have been taught in the past, the seeds you decide to sow make you responsible for your success or failure, your prosperity or poverty, or your victory or defeat. Your mind is the battleground.

A single thought that you dwell on and allow to drop into your spirit could change your destiny. Thoughts like this: "You'll never amount to anything. You're just a loser. Your daddy was poor and you'll be poor."

If you keep dwelling on thoughts like these and they drop down from your mind and into your spirit, then they will control your destiny. And you'll wind up seeing yourself as a loser, never amounting to anything, always being poor when that is not God's destiny for you.

Your future is bright in God. And if you're living anything less than a bright, wonderful, happy, prosperous, successful life, then it is far short of what Jesus bought and paid for at Calvary.

What are the most dominant thoughts in your heart? What dominates your thinking? Then that's what you're going to become. If you constantly think you can't succeed in life because of your background, race, or lack of education, then your expectations will indeed be limited by those dominant thoughts. And when expectations are limited, corresponding actions are limited as well.

They're seeds. Those negative, dominant thoughts are designed by Satan to restrict you and confine you and limit you to a life that is way below your privileges as a child of God.

Your soul is made up of the mind, the will, and the emotions. A prosperous soul is one in which the mind is renewed to God's Word, the will is conformed to God's will, and the emotions are under the control of a reborn spirit.

Your greatest limitations are those which you create in your mind by not casting down the thoughts, the ideas, and the concepts that are contrary to God's will. Everything you experience outwardly is directly proportional to what you see and think about yourself inwardly.

Some of you have many years of wrong thinking, but as of now, hallelujah, you're not going to be thinking like that anymore, talking like that anymore, nor living like that anymore. Limitations are going to be removed, and a new you is on the horizon! You have control over your thoughts. Choose to meditate on positive thoughts, ideas and concepts. How? By filling your mind with the Word of God.

Don't let Satan dominate your thoughts during this Holiday season. You have control over your thoughts. You choose what you allow in your mind. Every time you're in your car, put a Word of faith tape on. When you're getting ready in the morning, put a faith-inspiring tape on and read faith building devotionals to start your day off.

Become consumed with filling your mind with the Word of God. As a result, you will develop a prosperous soul and there will be no more limits in your life.

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