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We forget what it was like before we learned to walk in faith. Many people "out there" are struggling and are in times of panic over bills, groceries, and even putting a few presents under the tree for their children.
For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.
(2 Cor. 4:6)

Ye are the light of the world.
(Matt. 5:14)
I recently took on a temporary job. I had gone before God in prayer about having some personal spending money for Christmas and this was His answer. I really thought He was wrong about this way of answering my petition, but I now realize it is one of those divine lessons He is so good at teaching me.

I hadn't been in the "outside the home" work force for over eight years, so going back to work was a huge change. Sometimes when you are in ministry, you can get into a comfort zone when it comes to dealing with people and their reality.

Duct Tape, Anyone?
Just hearing the words coming out of people's mouths is a shock. If your ears have been trained to hear statements that are primarily faith-based, you can go into sensory overload hearing all the doubt and unbelief statements in a typical work place. Your flesh wants to run around putting duct tape on everyone's mouths, but you can't.

I felt like an undercover spy. God sent me "out there" to remember what living without really knowing Him is like. It's horrible! There is frustration, fear, panic, pressure, and sadness. The concept of a loving God who cares about every detail of our life is a foreign concept.

I listened. I listened to people's stories about their dreams, hopes, worries, bills, lifestyles, frustrations, homes, and families. People want to talk. They want to tell you all about themselves and if you are smart enough to listen, you will learn a great lesson in ministry.

Meet people where they are.

This may sound simplistic, but too often those of us in ministry can forget where we started or came from. We can forget those days before God's blessing and prosperity was obvious in our lives.

We forget what it was like before we learned to walk in faith. Many people "out there" are struggling and are in times of panic over bills, groceries, and even putting a few presents under the tree for their children.

People Need To Know Him…
Matthew 5:16 says we are to let our light shine before men in order to glorify our Father. Sometimes you forget how people face everything in life without knowing about God's goodness, grace, and mercy. They believe in God but they don't know Him. They know the "reason for the season" but they don't know Jesus. They have no idea of the peace that is waiting for them on the "other side" in knowing Him.

The time I spent outside my usual lifestyle has been eye opening. You can get so caught up in ministry that you forget where people are in their walk - or lack of one.

Time is getting to a point where we need be a light in people's lives and shine on the very spots God wants to heal.

It is very important to be a beacon this Christmas season. Matthew 4:16, it says: "The people which sat in darkness saw great light; and to them which sat in the region and shadow of death light is sprung up."

…And We Need To Tell Them
People are sitting in darkness all around us. You have the answer to everything they need, right in your mouth. Ask God to help you be a light to someone around you. Ask Him to lead you to someone you may not have noticed otherwise.

There may be someone you know facing bankruptcy who is too embarrassed to tell anyone. There may be a single mother desperate for a few dollars just to make it a special time for her children. Someone might be laid off from a job and need encouragement and help.

People all around us need to know that Christmas holds the key to their delivery. They need to know that Christ can redeem them from this worldly curse. They need to know that Jesus is the reason for the season!

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Nan C. Loyd
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Nan C. Loyd is an ordained minister who, along with her husband, Leland, ministers with humor and the belief that God's Word should never be hard to understand. She is founder and President of Agape Ranch Foundation, integrating many areas of wellness that promote wellness and the goodness of God, founder and president of Dancing Bulls Advertising, and co-founder and vice-president of Agape Ranch Enterprise.

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