For if we would judge ourselves we should not be judged.
(1 Cor. 11:31)
One of the signs of a mature Christian is that they have an internal compass. They have the ability to judge themselves.The key to spiritual growth is the ability to do self-examination.

Self-examination is also the key to church growth.

Growing churches have differing theologies, worship programs and building designs, but one thing they all have in common is the ability to do self-examination. The reverse is also true. When large churches reach the point where they think they have arrived and they stop evaluating themselves they stop growing.

Take some time and walk around your church on Sunday morning and look at things from the visitor’s point of view. 100% of your growth is going to come from people who do not currently attend your church.

Here are some of the areas that affect church growth:
1) The Building
Décor - Is the décor appealing to both adults and kids?
Room Size - Church growth is limited to the size of the smallest classroom or nursery.
Hallways - Hallways affect growth as much as room size.
Intersections - Hallways should be wider at intersections with other hallways.
Lobby - If you want people to hang around, there needs to be somewhere for them to hang.
Signage - Signs should be high and easy to read. Visitor check in should be well marked.

2) Organization

Processing Visitors - How long does it take to process a visitor?
Check in - how long do parents stand in line for check in and pick up?
Security - Is your church a safe place for kids?
Transition - If you have multiple services, how smooth is the transition?

3) Volunteers

How well are your rooms staffed?
Are your volunteers well trained?
Can they answer questions?
Do people know how to sign up for children’s ministry?
Are your volunteers full of life and energy?
Do your volunteers attend church when they are not serving?

4) Leadership

What kind of depth do you have?
What would happen if you had to be gone for a month?
Would the children’s ministry survive?
Do you have back ups for your department heads?

5) Programs

Worship - Are your worship leaders excited? Do they have a rehearsal or are they just winging it?
Teaching - Do your teachers hold the attention of the kids? Are the kids learning? Are your teachers using visuals?
Activities - Do you have activities planned where kids can just have fun and make friends?
Drama - Do your actors have their lines memorized? Are you using costumes and props? Do you rehearse the drama skits?
Technology - Do you have a good balance between live ministry and media ministry. How large are your screens?

Write down the things that you want to change this year. You may not get to everything, but it’s fun to look at the changes you did make at the end of the year. Then, do the same thing again one year from now.

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