A team of twelve people from Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota went into the jungle city of Iquitos, in Peru, South America. They had a mission to drill a well in a nearby village, so people could get fresh water and also to win at least 2,000-3,000 salvations!

Both of these feats were accomplished in only six days!

The drilling team hit fresh water in the first four days of the trip and the evangelism team went into the streets and schools of Iquitos and prayed with 6,240 in Peru!

There were also a couple of people who went into Ecuador and prayed with 126 souls to receive Christ! The team of two into Ecuador made many connections for future trips. They preached in house churches throughout the city of Guayaquil! Praise the Lord!

The total number of salvations for the week was 6,366 souls!

There were also many miracles.

One young boy, who was around 7-years-old couldn't speak. The Lord healed him and he began to count in Spanish! One lady, who had a broken arm came to one of the evening services in Iquitos and was instantly healed. There were numerous people, who had arthritis, who got healed instantly!

Praise the Lord, God is still the same yesterday, today, and forever!

Also, the team met a man who worked for the Gideon's , who brought them 4,000 Bibles to distribute in the schools and also the city of Iquitos! Praise the Lord for divine appointments.