"What's in it for me?" It's a question even the most selfless of Christians asks himself from time to time. It's a self-centered concern, no doubt. But as long as we're trapped in this corruptible body of flesh, it's one all of us are bound to ask.

So don't be shocked if, when it comes to the issue of witnessing, you find yourself wondering, "Why should I expend great effort and time in sharing my faith when I have so many personal needs in my own life?"

The fact is, there is something for you to gain. I can sum it up in one word—power. The power to change your circumstances. Evangelism releases the power of God in your life in a way few other activities can.

Why is that? Because God doesn't indiscriminately bestow His power upon us. He releases it to those who align themselves with His purposes. And God's overriding purpose in the earth in this age is to bring people back into fellowship with Himself.

Let's be honest. If there is anything the body of Christ needs right now, it's an infusion of Holy Ghost power. Far too many believers are living lives characterized by powerlessness.

We seem helpless to substantially affect our own circumstances, much less those of a hurting, dying world. I believe the reason for this lack of power is that we have failed to align ourselves with God's purposes.

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