Belarus is going through an incredibly difficult time right now. Please, pray for people of Belarus to be sustained in this difficult time.
Over the last couple of months, we have been doing a lot of traveling and enjoying the ministry opportunities in Russia and Belarus. God has been directing us more and more to focus on individual ministry.

Tanya and Jimmy (my 7-year-old) spent time in Belarus and imparted precious revelations of the End Times into the lives of church leaders and ministers there. Our friend and ministry associate Natasha who now lives in Egypt was in Belarus at the same time. It was a blessing to connect with her in person and not just over the Skype.

Belarus is going through an incredibly difficult time right now. It reminds me of the early 1990s. It is hard to describe what is going on there, but you could try to imagine this: you wake up and you just had a 50 percent salary cut. How would that feel? This is exactly what is happening in Belarus.

The people are in a panic and fear.... The economic breakdown started when the country did not receive sufficient loans and was left in a deficit. There was a lack of available currency for purchase in the bank exchange offices which created a shortage and an inflated Dollar/Euro to Belorussian ruble rate. The official dollar rate was held at the same level even though people were exchanging money on the black market at 2-3 times the rate.

In May the government tried to adjust to the actual reality. Overnight the dollar rate went up over 50 percent and continued to rise for the next 3 weeks to reach an official rate of 5,000 Bel. Rubles to $1.00 (compared to 3,000 Bel. Rubles to $1.00 just a month prior). The unofficial rate reaches 7,000 to 9,000 per dollar.

The banks still don’t have currency to sell which puts all of the retail businesses in a bind: they can’t import, because they can’t exchange Bel. rubles to other currencies; and when they do manage to import, the new prices are converted per the unofficial rate making it 3 times higher with the people’s salaries still at the same level.

Anyone with savings in Bel. Rubles rushed into stores sweeping up any appliance, furniture and other goods still priced based on the old dollar rate. Now people go to stores with a feeling that they are attending an exhibition: they simply can’t afford even the basics.

Please, pray for people of Belarus to be sustained in this difficult time. God has brought this wonderful country through many disasters. Our heart goes out to them as we pray for an incredible thirst for God in the lives of people. When everything is swept from under your feet, you start looking for answers. May the questions in people’s hearts direct them to the Lord – THE ANSWER!

The Lord is continuing to open doors for us in this dictator-ruled country. Many foreigners lost their travel privileges and were denied entry into the country. You can’t go there as a missionary, but God has given us great favor with the local authorities and keeps opening the doors for us to speak His Word and declare His dominion in the land of Belarus.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers! We love and appreciate you dearly and are praying for your direction, protection, health and blessings.

In His love,

Jim & Tanya Harper
Luke 9.62

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