Christianity is the only religion in the world that is based on the saving power of a living God. Jesus has risen and He is alive today. That is Good News!! And because He is risen, we are to go into all the world to let them know that we have a living Saviour. We want to make sure that everyone gets into heaven.

We are not to motivate people with guilt or put pressure on people. What motivates us is the love of God. When we know how much God loves us, we want to take His love to the world. God loved the whole world and He sent Jesus. Jesus was moved by compassion and He healed them all. We too, when the compassion of God moves in us, can minister to people with great power.

Sometimes we can forget that people are actually lost without Jesus. Don’t ever forget that people are lost! There are people who look like they have it all, but they are still lost. Without Jesus not only are they going to hell, they are living a life without purpose and meaning. Jesus came to save the lost and we are to bring to people that Good News.

In Acts 8:27 we see Philip who led the eunuch to Jesus.

Philip listened to the Holy Spirit and also listened to the eunuch. If we are going to preach a risen and living Christ, we don’t need to make up our own agenda. Listen to what the Holy Spirit says about a situation and listen to the person who is lost. People often have a hot question they need answered so they can receive Jesus and the Holy Spirit can help you answer those questions.

Our job is to lead people to Jesus and the saving work He completed at the cross. We are not to try to convince people to conform to our opinions or ideas. We cannot convert people. That is the job of the Holy Spirit. Unless the Holy Spirit does the work of converting, no one could ever be saved.

But we can lead them to Jesus and trust the Holy Spirit to do His part in revealing the truth of Jesus.

Let’s celebrate the fact that we serve a risen Savior, but let’s also take that Good News to all the world!

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