Across South Africa, local churches have been coming together to talk about how they can best help the children in their communities. Despite theological differences, so many agree that our children are facing severe challenges that require Jesus…in the form of loving, quality discipleship. Many churches have even gone through training so they can do a week of strategic outreach to children in their communities, and we are so excited about the results.

Recently Hand of Hope, Joyce Meyer Ministries World Missions partnered with Reaching a Generation to launch an initiative called Community Wide Outreaches. What I witnessed at one of the outreaches this past week was something truly special: around 30,000 children were reached with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ! Approximately 20,000 more are expected to be impacted this week. These Community Wide Outreaches will continue to spread rapidly across the country to communities far and wide.

At the outreaches, each child hears about their value in Christ, how to make good choices under pressure and what it means to serve only one master. They also receive age-appropriate materials that introduce them to the fundamentals of the Christian faith. After the week of outreach, a follow-up strategy session is held to introduce long-term discipleship programs to all those children, including initiatives such as “children’s clubs,” the “national school chaplaincy program” and others.

Our goal is to better equip children to flourish in walking through life with Jesus, and also to better equip the Church to reach out and raise up the next generation so they can be all that God has called them to be. We couldn’t reach out and support such great initiatives unless you gave us the capacity to—so thank you so much for your partnership and prayers.

-By Brad Senekal, African Outreach Director

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