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We just celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary! We were just 19 years old when we got married and we were at Christ For The Nations. We had just returned from a Drama/Music Tour Roadtrip with Glory Company for two months traveling the country. We should of known what was ahead!

What an amazing journey it has been and we are so thankful how God has used us in "REACHING NATIONS & GENERATIONS! Thank you for all your gifts, love, encouragement & support during our anniversary. It is awesome to have SO MANY FRIENDS!

No matter what time of the year it is, it’s a great time to realize that you are awesome and amazing, the apple of God’s eye, the jewel in His crown, the object of His affection and the focus of His attention. He never sleeps, constantly reviewing the divine destiny that He has hand-crafted just for you. He makes up songs about YOU, dances over you, and rejoices that He made you and is so excited that He gets to walk with you every day! You are special to Him!

These statements are right out of God’s Word, therefore right out of God’s mouth. His Word is ever present and always ready to build you up, so the question really is: ARE YOU BUILDING YOUR FUTURE WITH HIM?

Jesus is building His church to stand strong in the middle of difficult challenges that require us to use His power tools! His building program for you exists on 3 levels:

Level #1 - He is building you through His Word and His Spirit.
Level #2 - You are cooperating and building yourself up.
Level #3 - You are positioned to build others up.


When Jesus rose from the grave, PETER, His key apostle, had the opportunity to let guilt and condemnation drain all of his energy. Peter’s spiritual power meter read like this — He fell asleep in the garden, he cut off the guard’s ear, he ran away, he denied Jesus, & He didn’t even show up at the cross.

Peter could have stayed in condemnation and quit altogether, but instead, you find him racing John to see the tomb and later, he jumped into the lake fully clothed to swim to the beach to be with Jesus. He activated COURAGE instead of letting guilt and shame destroy him, and fulfilled what Jesus had spoken to him; “You are Peter, and on this rock I will BUILD My church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it!”


Let God’s Word encourage and build you up. Pray in the spirit and activate your leadership gear so you can build each other up. Don’t waste your power by staying stuck in the past. God has plans for you that include BEING A BUILDER in your home, at your job or at school, and at your church. Stir Up Your Faith!

We just returned from two and a half weeks on the road ministering, encouraging, and building up everyone we saw, and we were so energized by all of our amazing friends. God is making ALL THINGS NEW for us! We believe that He is making ALL things new for you, also.

Your partnership makes a difference. Every gift makes a difference! Your prayers make a difference! Your giving makes a difference! Thank you for being a part of what God is BUILDING HERE at Nordyke Ministries. Thank you for helping us in Reaching Nations and Generations.


Nordyke Ministries
All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Author Biography

Spencer Nordyke
Web site: Nordyke Ministries
Spencer grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Texas at the age of 17. He loves helping people meditate through the Word of God to so they can unlock God’s destiny for their lives. He has been playing guitar for years and loves to take people into the presence and glory of God.

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