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In early America, Christians and ministers were responsible for shaping our form of government. We were involved in three vital arenas.

#1 – Christians were involved in shaping worldview.
We taught society that everything in life can be addressed by principles in the Bible. Ministers addressed issues people were dealing with at the time, and gave them God’s wisdom about those subjects. They also taught their congregations from the Word what their civic responsibilities were in regard to elections, government leaders, etc.
Christians were responsible for creating a biblical worldview throughout the culture. Even atheists knew what was right and wrong, knew the Ten Commandments and often followed them. Christians had tremendous influence in society by demonstrating that the Word of God was practical and applicable. Their example and ideals helped shape the culture that led to the American Revolution.

Our Constitution contains radical ideas that no other nation has ever put into practice. In fact, it contains so many novel concepts that political science professors investigated to find out where the founding fathers got their ideas of separation of powers, checks and balances, and democratic elections. After 10 years of studying 15,000 writings, they discovered that 34 percent of the quotes in the Founding Era came from the Bible.

This is the time of year when we remember our nations struggle for independence and celebrate our freedom as Americans. But we must always remind ourselves that our freedom was bought with a price.

The Cost of Freedom
Many lives were laid down on the battlefields so we could be free—at Bunker Hill, Saratoga, Trenton, and other places. And we must never forget the hardship George Washington's army endured at Valley Forge.

As we remember our heritage during this special time of the year, we often sing our national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner." In the winds of Valley Forge, when our army faced adversity and disease, those stars and stripes still flew. Our flag stood for freedom then and it stands for freedom today.

The last line of our national anthem asks, "O say, does that start-spangled banner yet wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?" And we can still proudly answer that question in the affirmative—"Yes, those stars and stripes still fly over this country today!"

There are certain things that you and I do not have to endure because the Stars and Stripes flies over this nation. But there are also certain things that we do not have to endure because the blood-stained banner of the Lord Jesus Christ flies over our hearts!

A holy faith burned in the spirits and guided the actions of all those who set in motion the establishment of these United States of America. Their own words bear testimony to this truth.
In many respects, July Fourth may have appeared to be like any other day in that summer of 1776.

But on this morning, when the first glimpse of light broke across the surface of the waters that had carried them to this new land, one imagines that the handful who were in the midst of making history had long since given up any attempt to rest.

This was not like any other day.

This was Independence Day. The responsibility for giving voice to the principles upon which a new union would be formed weighed heavily in the hearts of the fathers of this land.

These Were Men of Faith
Their words and writings reveal that what was to take place this early morning of July Fourth was the manifestation of a long season of prayer, for these were men of faith.


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