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Since this is an election year and the elections are now, (as I’m writing this they are 12 days away but as you are reading it they possibly have already happened) I thought it prudent and hopefully eye-opening and helpful for our future to share something extremely valuable from the prophet of God, Kenneth E. Hagin. Brother Hagin was indeed a prophet to me, certainly not to everyone, but he was to me as well as a friend and respected co-laborer in the precious Gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul said in 1 Corinthians 9:2, “If I be not an apostle unto others, yet doubtless I am to you…”

In his book “The Triumphant Church” Brother Hagin recounts a visit he had with Jesus concerning a vision he had in both 1970 and 1979. “In the second vision in 1979, Jesus said to me, ‘If the Christians of this nation had done what I told them to do in My Word and had prayed for the leaders of their country, they could have kept those evil spirits you saw in 1970 from operating in this nation. None of those upheavals would have occurred in your nation. You would not have had the political, social, and economic disturbances in this nation, and the President never would have made the mistakes he made. In fact, I’m holding the Church responsible for the President’s mistakes.’ When I heard Jesus say that, I cried out, ‘My God!’ and began to weep. Jesus continued, ‘Yes, the Church is responsible before God Almighty. I know when you tell that to some Christians, they will laugh. But you wait until they stand before My Judgment Seat and see if they laugh when they are the ones who will receive the judgment.’”

Jesus was saying that Christians could have stopped those evil strategies of the devil by taking their place in prayer based on the Word of God. Christians have authority on the Earth in Jesus’ Name, and if Christians had prayed for those in authority, America would not have had the riots or the political and economic upheavals we experienced in our nation in the 1970s.

What a powerful revelation that is to us today. God holds the Church accountable to be in prayer about our nation and about the leaders, and even holds us accountable for the President’s mistakes if we are not in prayer.

We are leaving now for a 26-day trip to several partner churches and a missions conference and also attending Kenneth Copeland’s meeting in Washington DC. We will return home just in time for Thanksgiving with the family.

December finds us preaching a great conference in Tampico, Mexico as well as in a number of churches and returning just before Christmas.

We have been working on our missions schedule for next year with Mexico in January, then on to Europe and Romania with our Gypsy pastors and orphans. Please set your faith with us concerning these ministry trips and for covering the financial budget. We will have 200 Gypsy pastors and their wives and will cover their expenses.

Malta is also in the works as well as invitations to England, Germany, Singapore, and the South Pacific.

In Malta, we are able to draw pastors from Africa, Italy, and Greece as well as other nations in Europe.

As you know, Christmas is closing in on us and at this time of year I begin to set my faith for money for orphans and missionaries that typically get left out at this season. Even though Jesus is the reason for the season, people tend to get distracted and stressed about their own family’s Christmas and leave out the church, orphans, and missionaries.

So along with your giving to our ministry, please include an extra offering or gift so that we can see to it that the orphans are remembered and not left out on Christmas.
We either have orphanages or are very involved in orphanages in 5 nations. In some I have total authority, in others, I have a strong influence, and in others I can simply help. Last year we wanted to give to 10 homes in 5 nations but you were so generous that we added 2 homes and were able to bless 12 homes in 5 nations with Christmas presents. What a wonderful blessing.

The nations that these children’s homes are in are: India, Romania, Mexico, Jamaica and Haiti.

For pastors, it is pretty simple and without pressure, I simply ask that in Sunday service this month or next, please just ask the people to give $1 (one dollar) extra to give to orphans and missionaries for Christmas. That puts no pressure on anyone and the dollars add up and we together can see to it that these precious ones have a Merry Christmas. Others want to send an extra offering for us to bless them and that is wonderful, just please mark or note what portion of your offering you want to go to orphans’ Christmas.

We love you and pray for you daily. Please pray for us and for this nation. Stay alert and vigilant and continue to take authority over the spirit of terrorism. The Church is the only entity on the planet that can deal with demons.

Together, we are reaching the world. The world is calling and we are going.

Terry Mize Ministries 
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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