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flagsparklerThe flag represents this nation—the United States of America. Old Glory. Why do you think it’s called Old Glory? Glory is the manifested presence of God, is it not?

Our Christian Heritage
This country was founded as a Christian nation; it is based on the Christian precept. We have a Christian heritage to maintain in this nation. That’s why this country came into existence.

It came into being because our forefathers wanted to be able to go someplace where they could worship God free from the control of state dictators.

They didn’t want to worship God as the English monarchy said they must, or other governments in the old country said they must. They wanted to worship God—with the liberty to worship him—as they pleased.

That’s why America was sought out. This country was founded on that basis, for that reason. And we have a Christian heritage that dictated much of what the constitution says. The outline of our freedoms and our liberties and our rights as Americans…much of that is based directly from the Christian/Judeo ethic.

And the problems that we’re experiencing now as a nation is primarily because we’ve pulled away from those precepts, values, and standards.

A Fascinating Representation
You can even see this Christian heritage represented in the design of our national flag. I’ve shared some things about the flag before, but they fascinate me.

The flag represents this nation—the United States of America. Old Glory. Why do you think it’s called Old Glory? Glory is the manifested presence of God, is it not? This country was created by God to be a habitation for his presence. And that’s why it’s called Old Glory.

It isn’t some little nickname that was casually given to represent the flag.

Look at Psalms 60. This scripture deals with natural and spiritual truths. It deals with present concerns and future concerns. So I don’t have any problem believing that the verse I’m going to look at with you now relates in some context to the formation of America—the flag that we call Old Glory.

Look at verse 4:
You have given a banner to those who fear You (NKJ).

A banner is a flag. God has given a flag to those who fear him. That means to reverence, to be in awe of… “That it may be displayed because of the truth.But I want you to listen to the Amplified

Bible’s rendering of this verse:
You have set up a banner for those who fear and worshipfully revere You [to which they may flee from the bow], a standard displayed because of the truth.

I believe this is a prophetic word from the Lord, talking about the birth of the United States of America, a place to which people can flee from the bow, from oppression, from tyranny, from bondage and from servitude. A place where peoples from all over the world could flee. A standard displayed for one reason…because of the truth. And this is the truth. So even in our flag, we see our Christian heritage.

Consider the construction of our flag for a moment. Artistically, symbolically, or however you want to view our flag…is it just a coincidence that we have a flag made up of red, white, and blue colors? Is it coincidental that the flag of this nation contains stripes and stars?

Red, White and Blue
We see, first of all, the focal point of our flag—that being the stars which are set on a blue background. Of course, we know from the Word that blue is the color of heavens and is representative of the grace of God.

It’s significant that the most basic color and the center point of our flag is the grace of God. The blue represents the grace of God. Think, for a moment, of all the different songs that we sing – patriotic songs and others, about how God has poured out his grace on this nation. It’s true.

But the stars are also significant. It’s not only interesting to me to see that the stars are set on a blue background, which represents the heavens—and the grace of God—but the stars are representative of a number of interesting things as well.

Stars of the Heavens
Stars are representative of people in Scripture…but not just any group of people. You remember what God told Abraham? He said “I’m going to make your seed as the stars of the heavens.”

Now most Bible scholars will agree that in the two references to the posterity of Abraham—his seed being as the stars of the heavens and the sands of the sea—most scholars agree that the sands of the sea refers to his natural earthly offspring or “seed” who would be the Jews, or the nation of Israel. And that the “stars of the heavens” referred to the spiritual seed of Abraham, which is the church.

Of course, we’re told in Galatians that “if you be Christ’s, then are you Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.” So we see then how the seed is being referred to in Scripture, the same spiritual seed represented by the stars in heaven.

So, isn’t it something that our flag’s focal point is a field of stars on the blue background representing the grace of God? Isn’t that wonderful? We are that posterity. We are that spiritual seed of Abraham. Right here in America…. Nowhere else in the world has that been realized more than it has been realized in America.

Over the last century, over 95 percent of the Gospel that has gone forth into this world has either originated in America or been financed by American people—95 percent! This is the place, more than any other place on earth in the history of mankind, where the seed of Abraham—that spiritual seed—resides.

So, again, it isn’t coincidental that the center point of our flag, our banner, is the field of blue, populated by stars that represent the people of this nation who are not only Americans, but the seed of Abraham…that is, those who are Christians, those who are the children of God.

Just a Coincidence?
And it isn’t coincidental that there are 50 stars either. The number 50 has a lot of important applications in Scripture.

For instance, 50 is the year of Jubilee. Is it not? You know what happens in the year of Jubilee? Everyone is forgiven. Debts are wiped clean. Slaves are returned from bondage to their ancestral homes and given back their belongings that they once had but perhaps lost when they went into servitude or bondage. The captives are set free in the year of Jubilee.

And that is represented by the number 50. So do you think it is of any significance that our flag has 50 stars on it? Is it also coincidence that 50 is the number of Pentecost? That’s what Pentecost means—50. Pentecost. Fifty days after the Passover, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit was given! Pentecost is what 50 means.

And is it any wonder that this nation was the modern day location of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in this day and age on Azusa street at the turn of this century? The Holy Spirit was poured out. And the Pentecostal revival began. Is that coincidence? Of course not.

Is it coincidence that we’re responsible for either taking or financing the Gospel into such a large percentage of the world? Of course not. It’s the Holy Spirit that empowers us to be effective witnesses. It’s the Holy Spirit that makes it possible for us to share our faith and to preach the Gospel into all of the world.

So it’s not coincidental that 50 is also the number of Pentecost. You might say to yourself, “Well, we’ve only had 50 states here for the last few years…it was 48 states until not too long ago. Hawaii and Alaska were added to make it 50.”

Well isn’t it interesting that the Bible says “I will pour out my spirit…” When? “…In the last days.”

So that is simply another indicator that as our flag added its last two stars—again, the number 50 representing Pentecost—that truly we’re in the last days. And I believe this [nation] is going to be the place where that spirit is poured out in its fullest measure because we have been raised up by God to take this Gospel into all the world.

So none of these things are coincidental. It’s all a part of the flag that represents us as Americans. But there’s no point in stopping there.

The Stripes of Jesus
We see stripes on the flag. The Bible says, “By the stripes of Jesus you were healed.” Do you think it’s coincidental that we have seven red stripes and six white stripes on our flag?

Seven is the number of God in Scripture. Seven represents God, and our flag has seven stripes. And red is the color of blood.

So we have seven red stripes on our flag. And we know it’s by the stripes of Jesus that we are healed. It’s by his shed blood that we’ve been made pure which is what the color of the six white stripes stands for.

White represents purity. And six, coincidentally, is the scriptural number of man; it is representative of mankind.

So we have six which represents “man” in scripture, made white or pure by virtue of the seven red stripes, seven being the number of God—having spilled his own blood and taken stripes on his back for our redemption.

Is this coincidental? Of course not! It is part of our heritage.

Our Christian Heritage
This nation is a Christian nation. It’s based on the Christian precept. It’s based on the Christian/Judeo ethic. And it is only to the extent that we preserve and take the steps to guard and defend that Christian heritage, that we will once again see this nation’s problems begin to depart from this land.

We need to display the American flag in light of the truth of God’s Word, and not let anything or anyone force its removal from our land. And the prosperity that has made us the greatest nation on this earth, will continue.

Copyright © Mac Hammond
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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