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ZIMBRA or Webmail is the mail for cfaith is the name of the email server. We recommend you go to the cfaith website, click the email link located at the top left corner of our homepage, and then log in to your email.

You will either see a blue login window it might say Zimbra on it. Simply enter your email address and password to get into your cfaith webmail.

You are still welcome to call us if you have further questions. Thank you for your patience and support of the ministry of cfaith!

How do I configure my cfaith email on a mail client?
Here is a link to help you configure your email. Click here to view these pages.

How do I change my cfaith email password? 
Change Password Online (If you currently know the password).

Please contact customer service at 800-748-8107 to change or reset the password for the email.

What is Webmail?
Webmail is accessed through a web browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox. It always looks the same no matter which computer or device you’re using, and all your settings will be the same too.

What browsers can I use to access my Webmail?
We recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox to ensure the best performance.

How much storage does my email account include?
Each email account likely has 10 to 15GB of storage (a select few accounts have more or less for varying reasons). That’s enough to hold about 3 million emails. You can also use your email account to store and share files through the Briefcase section. You can store about 5,000 photos in your Briefcase, but keep in mind the file storage space is shared with your email!

What is the largest size file I can send as an attachment via webmail?
You can send files as large as 25MB in size (maybe slightly lower for some formats due to the encoding process requiring some storage space). If you need to send larger files, you can upload them to your Briefcase and share them from there.

How are my messages grouped up?
Conversation View' is the default setting. If you would prefer to display each message individually, simply click the View button (on the top right) and click by message. 

How do I create a signature block?

  1. Click Preferences (located in the top navigation bar)
  2. Select Signatures from the column on the left
  3. Click New Signature
    • You can change the font or add symbols to the navigation bar

What is the Briefcase for?
The Briefcase is used for storing documents and pictures.      

 How do I add a contact?

  1. From the main screen, click on Contacts
  2. Look directly below, click New Contact
  3. Complete the appropriate fields
  4. Once you are done, click Save in the upper left

What is the Preferences function on the navigation bar?
Preferences are where a lot of the administration functions are located. For example, you would use the Preferences function if you would like to import or export your contacts or calendar, set up filters, or create an 'away' message.

What is a Zimlet?
Zimlets are add-on applications that enhance the functionality of your webmail program. Your package may or may not include this functionality.

What are tags?
Tags are a personal classification system for webmail messages, contacts, tasks, and appointments. You can tag as many messages as you want and you can apply multiple tags to the same message and contacts.

How do I send an attachment?
Compose a message. Then click on the word Attach (under Subject) or click the small triangle symbol next to the word Attach to locate the attachment.

Where did my draft go?
If you composed a message but did not save it as a draft, it will auto-save and link to your navigation bar. Simply click the title (in the below example it's listed as "test") or click the X symbol to delete it.

Easier-to-use-Spam Filtering
To access and manage your spam mail, simply click on the “Junk” folder right in your email to manage spam. If you see any spam in your Inbox, simply select it and click the Spam button in Webmail. The message will be placed in the Junk folder and flagged for in-depth analysis to determine if future messages from the sender should be blocked. If you want to remove something from Junk, select it and click Not Spam for the process to be reversed!

As you mark messages spam in the new system, it will continue to learn and get better! If you have messages you want to “whitelist” to ensure they get through, click Preferences, then click Trusted Addresses and add the email address or domain you’d like to whitelist.
Unsubscribe Button
Did you sign up for a newsletter, restaurant coupons, or some other subscription that you’d like to cancel? Simply select the message click the Unsubscribe button! Not only is this easier than trying to find those hard-to-see “Unsubscribe” links within the emails, but it also protects you since many cybercriminals will trick you by making the “Unsubscribe” link go to a malicious website.
Why use the Unsubscribe button instead of the link in the email?
Some cybercriminals may direct the “Unsubscribe” link to a malicious website, where ransomware or spy programs will be downloaded to your device. The Unsubscribe button sends an unsubscribe request to the sender without exposing you to cyber threats. 

How often are my Deleted Items permanently removed?
Deleted items are removed after 30 days to free up storage space for incoming emails and files.

How do I forward a message? After logging into your email account, double-click on the message that you would like to forward, it opens up the message, and click on forward at the top, you can delete anything off of the message that you don't want to be sent, and add any message to personalize. Make sure you put someone's email address in the To: Fill out the subject and send it in the top left.

How do I set a vacation response? After logging into your email account, click on Preferences, Out of Office, Choose to Send auto-reply message, and Enter what you would like the response to be in the Auto-reply message box. Check the box that says "send the auto-replies during the following time period." External senders do not have to be sent.

How can I delete multiple emails? After logging into your email account, Click on Preferences, General, scroll down to Other Settings, under Selection choose "Display the checkboxes to select items in lists" and then Save at the top left corner. Reload the email page. Now you will be able to select the individual emails that you want to delete and click delete at the top.

My mail client is set up as POP. What is IMAP and how and why should I change? Here is an article that explains the difference between POP and IMAP. To change you have to deactivate the POP account. Enter the wrong server information or password in the settings of the POP account in your mail client. Test to be sure the mailbox is not able to send or receive. Then you can add the email account again as IMAP. Click here for instructions to set up a mail client as IMAP. If you need to save the folders from the POP account they are no longer on the server so you have to drag the folders in your mail client from the POP (inactive) to the IMAP (active) folders. Once the folders/emails are moved correctly then you can delete the POP account from your mail client. Please call us at 800-748-8107 before removing if unsure at all. 

Click here to learn to organize the folders in your email account.

Click here to learn to set up appointments, meetings, and events in your email account.

Click here to learn to set up a task list in your email account.

Click here to learn to manage incoming and outgoing webmail with filters in your email account.

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