"He delivered me because He delighted in me" (Ps. 18:19 NKJ).

Out of the Dark Ages came a concept of God that is very terrifying. He was pictured as angry, full of wrath, and looking for an opportunity to strike people down at the slightest provocation. The idea was: "If you step out of line for a second, the Lord is going to get you!" Unfortunately, this idea still exists today.

It is the goodness of God that leads people to repentance. God's goodness is extended to us daily in many varied ways. This verse says that He actually finds pleasure in us and delivers us because of His great love for us.

One day while working for a boss who was impossible to please, I began to pray for grace sufficient to function adequately in such a deplorable situation. As I prayed, the Lord revealed to me an area of wounded pride that I had to surrender. He also showed me how resistant I was at that time to an authority figure. Again I surrendered. Then He showed me how to please a fellow human who was very insecure. Finally, He revealed to me how delighted He is in His redeemed.

We are very precious to the Lord. Why the God of the universe should delight Himself in us mortals is a question which cannot be answered. It is a mystery which angels cannot solve. That He does delight in us is certain. The benefits of that favor are numerous.

I benefited from my surrender to the Lord. Not only was I enriched by seeking the Lord for help, I also discovered a new way to get along with an impossible boss. Best of all, because of this situation I learned how much the Lord delighted in me.

Source: The Spirit-Filled Believer's Daily Devotional by Dick Mills
Excerpt permission granted by Harrison House Publishers