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Change Your Perspective By Rod Arnold


Mandate By Susan Fletcher


Dare to Believe God's Plan By Terry Law


Today's featured devotional...
As I write this I am cruising along at 35,000 feet, high above the earth below. Just a minute ago we were ascending out of Dallas, and now the United States is in our rear view mirror. Mexico lies sprawled out below, and soon we will be touching down in Guatemala.

The view is different from up here. Whenever I travel to another nation, it hits me all over again. The world seems smaller; people seem closer.

It's true. The world isn't as big as you may think. Foreign cultures aren't really that far away. And they're getting closer all the time. Whether you're talking airplanes or the Internet, technology is bringing us closer together.

Somewhere down below, Mexican villagers are going about their daily routine. An old woman is carrying vegetables home from the outdoor market. Young children are playing soccer with a makeshift goal in the middle of a dusty street. And a young teenager is dreaming of a world outside of his small town. That's right - it's not just American teens that are full of dreams and ideas; on a grand scale, young people around the world are daring to break from their family's traditional way of life and venture out into the big wide world.

You can see it in Mexico, or Guatemala, or Thailand...wherever you go. For young people around the world, life is an adventure just waiting to happen. They are not satisfied with a pre-planned existence. They are not willing to miss out on the excitement of exploring new cities, new cultures, and new nations. The world is their canvas, and they are eager to create something unique and beautiful.

So what makes this generation so much different than their parents and grandparents? What makes them willing to leave behind tradition and security in their pursuit of exploration and discovery?

The answer is simple: it's a matter of perspective.

Their parents grew up with a limited view of the world. They experienced life in their village, and maybe a few trips to the big city. But a new generation is coming of age in a world that makes them more connected - more aware of the world around them - than any other in history. MTV and CNN are making their way to these remote areas. Even the Internet is becoming accessible to them. These young people are seeing the world in a way their parents never did. Technology has given them a new viewpoint-a greater perspective.

This generation is on the edge of something big. They are the rising influencers of culture, business, fashion and entertainment. Whether they live in New York or New Delhi, they are acquiring the tools and gaining the knowledge to change their lives and, in turn, change their world.

This is the generation that we will reach. This is the generation that we can reach...that we must reach. This generation is looking for something different. They are looking for something that can change their lives. They are looking for something real.

What will it take to reach this global generation? What will it take to transform them from a mass of wanderers in to an unstoppable force? Into an army of young trailblazers full of God and poised to change the future of their city, their nation, their world.

We have what this generation is crying out for, but to reach them, we must first change our perspective. No longer can we assume that someone else will do the job. No longer can we assume that the gospel will just spread under its own power. Whether we realize it or not, God needs us.

It's time to see things differently. It's time to look with a fresh perspective. It's time to wake ourselves up to the reality of the world around us. There is a generation out there with destiny branded on their hearts...and they don't even know it.

Let us be the ones who see this generation for who they really are. We live at a time in history that has never before existed. God has us poised and positioned for the greatest harvest the world has ever seen. So let us change our perspective. Let us rise to the occasion. And let us impact the world by reaching this generation.

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All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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