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Jerry and I have many grandchildren. We have established trust funds for each of them because the Bible says to lay up an inheritance for your children's children. So, every month we put money into their accounts.

Each of these grandchildren is operating on different levels of revelation knowledge where their inheritance is concerned. Our youngest grandchild was just born so he is just figuring out where he is.

Our youngest granddaughter, Madison, is three-years-old. She operates on a very small level of revelation knowledge of even knowing who her grandparents are. We kiss her, and tell her we love her and she'll coo and smile at us, but she barely even knows we are her grandparents much less that we have provided for her. In other words, she is operating on almost zero revelation knowledge.

We have another granddaughter, Kassidi, who is four-years-old. She knows she has a Mimi and a Papa, and she knows we will buy her anything she needs. She'll say, "Mimi, let's go shopping! I need new clothes." And she knows I'll jump in the car right then.

But her revelation knowledge of just how much we have prearranged for her to live a good life is very limited. We can say, "Kassidi, we have money for you in the bank," and she just smiles and runs off. She doesn't have revelation knowledge.

Our grandson Preston, who is nine-years-old, knows his grandparents love him and have made arrangements for his future, but he couldn't care less. He just wants doughnuts and toys!

However, our oldest grandchild, Mark James, is 11-years-old and is operating on a higher level of revelation knowledge. He not only knows he has a trust fund, but he calls every month to find out how much is in there and how much interest it is drawing! And he wants to know when he can use it! He's ready to go buy a car, move out of the house, have his own apartment, and he's only 11-years-old.

So we're talking about several children, with several different levels of revelation knowledge. They all walk in different levels of what they receive from their grandparents. The one who knows what he has will call on the phone and request specific things. He has an intense desire for things and he knows it will not be denied from him. And it's my great joy to give it to him.

Now if I can do that in the natural as a grandparent and parent, how much more does God, the heavenly Father, desire to give unto us what He's pre-planned before the foundation of the world? It depends upon your level of revelation knowledge. Do you know what belongs to you? Are you asking for it?

How Is Your Faith Level?
Are you coasting with your faith today? Were you aggressive at one time and now just along for the ride? Do you find yourself casually praying and thinking you are believing God, but then as you travel along your daily journey, you haven't been in the Word all day, the problem is surmounting against you, and you find yourself beginning to wonder and doubt, "Will it ever come to pass? Is there even that much money in the world? Will my marriage ever change?"

You can see that your faith level is beginning to decline. Your faith is fluctuating from one moment to the next. You have to stay in the Word of God on a daily basis to cause your faith level to reach for the impossible. You might as well understand from the beginning that everything we believe for is not possible. If it were possible, it wouldn't take any faith. The Bible says it's impossible to please God without faith.

You Must Renew Your Mind
There is a process that must take place to develop your faith to the level it needs to be. This process is called renewing of the mind. You only increase in revelation knowledge by the amount of God's Word that you put on the inside of you.

We define revelation knowledge as the act of disclosing or divulging the revealing of divine truth. The more time you spend in the God's Word, you're going to have a clear perception of what God wants for you and what God has planned before the foundation of the world for you. And the more you know of God's truth, you will walk in it. It's all a process of renewing your mind.

Don't Let Circumstances Overcome You
Are you being overcome by the circumstances of life? Is everything around you pulling you down to its level? Then take time to build that level up.

The problems can talk to you. The sickness can talk to you. Your children can talk to you. But you have to talk louder. You have to get that faith that's on the inside of you to come out of you and attack that problem.

If you're just one of those Sunday-morning, go-to-church people, and that's all the Word you hear all week - you're not reading God's Word, you're not spending time praying - then you are going to be a sick, weak, anemic faith person.

Your faith is not going to be strong enough to get you healed, to get you delivered, to cause prosperity to come to your home, to cause your children to be delivered; it's just not. But if you take the time to put God's Word in you daily, then I'm telling you, your faith level will rise to the occasion, and it will put you over.

What you receive from God depends upon how you've renewed your mind to the Word of God. You will walk in the blessings of God dependent upon how much you know. If you know it's God's will for you to walk in divine health, then your faith will produce healing in your body. If you know it's God's will for you to prosper, then you'll walk in financial blessings. You must renew your mind to God's Word.

So, what can your faith produce? No more than the intensity of your desire.

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Carolyn Savelle
Web site: Jerry Savelle Ministries International
Carolyn Savelle has an incredible testimony of growing up her entire life under the power and anointing of Jesus. She was reared in Shreveport, Louisiana, where she heard preachers such as Oral Roberts and William Branham. Throughout her life she has witnessed God's miraculous power.

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