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God is into opening the right doors, in the right place, at the right time so you can fulfill what He has for you, your family, your job, or your ministry.
The time of year is upon us when kids are wrapping up the school year, families are planning vacations, and churches are moving into summer mode with camps, vacation bible schools and mission trips. We pray that God’s strength, wisdom and rest will carry you through the next 30 days to strategically position you for the things to come and that DOORS WILL OPEN for you!

That reminds me of when we moved to the mid-cities of Dallas/Fort Worth to pioneer Youth WAVE Church. We had searched high and low for a house that would be close to the facility we were using. We were almost ready to get an apartment when Cyndy was driving around the streets praying in the spirit just north of the church and saw a “For Lease!” sign that had not been there earlier that day. She had me call the number and the nicest man in the world took the sign down and rented us the house.

We were so thankful! God had OPENED A DOOR for us!

After just a couple of years there, Cyndy said casually one day she wondered if they would be interested in selling us the house? I had been thinking the very same thing! So I called our landlord and He had been thinking about selling us the house too! Can you say - GOD OPENS DOORS?!  Within a few months we had an owner-financed 17-year fixed rate mortgage on our house. We are now believing God to supernaturally pay it off because it will put us in a position to do what God called us to do in a very strategic way.


Paul did the same thing in Acts 19:1-10. He ministered to 12 men in Ephesus who received the Holy Spirit, which launched a three-month ministry opportunity in the synagogue there. When some stubborn religious minded people stirred up unbelief, Paul found a new platform in the School of Tyrannus. This opportunity lasted for two years and was so effective that all of Asia heard the word of the Lord, because it was a high-traffic area east and west.

It is so amazing when one OPEN DOOR of opportunity leads to another even more effective door. God is into opening the right doors, in the right place, at the right time so you can fulfill what He has for you, your family, your job, or your ministry.  Keep your head up and your spiritual eyes open because doors are opening all around you, but you have to enter in.

In the natural doors are all different colors, different sizes and made out of different materials but there is one common thing—they all have to open for it to be called a door. A door is an opening from one place to another place.

Recently Cyndy had a spiritual dream and in this dream we were with some friends in a house and we would open the door and step into a new room and when we did we were transported at light speed to a new place. God is opening up NEW DOORS and when you step through them things will change at light speed.

We love you and are praying for you that the spirit of God is releasing things and causing you to move into strategic positions for your next season. Good things will happen as you step through the OPEN DOORS! Keep praying for us because every prayer counts. Plus, ALL giving counts! God has some NEW doors He wants us to walk through to get to some other doors! The month God is giving you permission to move ahead and take hold of your destiny.  He is saying: “Yes, you MAY!”

Nordyke Ministries
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Author Biography

Spencer Nordyke
Web site: Nordyke Ministries
Spencer grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Texas at the age of 17. He loves helping people meditate through the Word of God to so they can unlock God’s destiny for their lives. He has been playing guitar for years and loves to take people into the presence and glory of God.

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