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Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven.
(Matt. 5:16)
When I go to work in the morning, I do my very best to smile and greet people that come through my office area. I engage them in conversation. I ask about the evening before or the weekend on a Monday morning. I want people to talk and share and smile back. As I commit myself to being a personable employee and coworker, I have benefited from having personable supervisors and colleagues. This is how I present myself as an ambassador for Christ in the workplace.

Donna, my coworker, and I were chatting about my minor knee injury. I told her I had attempted to run 3 miles a few days as an addition to my regular morning workout and my knee became really sore and swelled. In return, she shared with me a story very dear to her heart. She told me she suffers from swollen legs and ankles with fluid around her knees, one less than the other.

Earlier this year she was leaving her daughter’s house after a family dinner. As she was walking to her vehicle assisted by her cane, a man approached her kindly, asking why she walked with a cane. She explained that there was arthritis in her left knee. The man then asked if he could pray for her and she accepted. She said he put his hands around her knees and prayed a simple prayer asking Jesus if it be His will that He would take the arthritis from her knees concluding in Jesus’ name. Once he finished praying, he thanked her and went back to his vehicle and left. She has never seen him again, but the pain has never come back to her knee.

Donna suffers from edema and suffered from arthritis. She only told the man about the arthritis to give a simple answer. She admitted initially thinking he might be a Jehovah's Witness or someone trying to invite her to his church. However, there was no ulterior motive. There was nothing to follow the prayer. She imagines that if she would have told the man more about her situation what the outcome would have been. Donna is very grateful for how the Lord healed her and desires an opportunity to come in contact with the man who prayed for her again.

My question for myself is about my delivery. I urge you to ask yourself the same. How do you witness to others? Are you doing what God instructs you to do without anticipating any recompense? We should be careful never to do a work of the Lord for our own glory. I believe Donna could have received wholeness if she shared more, but because of past experiences she did not recognize the ambassador’s origin.

Prayer: Father, we thank you for the manifestation of healing in Donna's knee. We are excited that you sent your ambassador to pray for her. Forgive us of being slow or disobedient to your instruction to pray for others. Give us Your heart and cleanse us from wrong motives that when we do what You instruct that men will see our good works and glorify You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Confession: I am an ambassador of the Most High God. I will carry out every assignment instructed. I will be obedient and swift to pray for those in need. I will pray from my spirit and not from my emotions, past experiences, or traditions. I will pray the Word which is the will of God in Jesus’ name.

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Author Biography

Dartanion J. Hayward
Web site: DJH Ministries
Dartanion has been preaching from the age of 13. He was licensed under the ministry of Dr. Kevin R. Cropper, Ark of Safety Christian Church, of Philadelphia, PA. As a young officer, he was mentored and developed by Chaplain Artie Clark Maxwell Jr. and Chaplain Cornelia White. He was ordained as an Elder in May of 2008 and is presently serving under Bishop William J. McDuffie, founder of William McDuffie Ministries and presiding Bishop of Seed of Abraham Christian Center International, Incorporated.

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