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Hunger is a mighty good thing. It is the greatest persuader I know of. It is a marvelous mover.

Nations have learned that you can do most anything with a populace until they get hungry. But when they get hungry you want to watch out. There is a certain spirit of desperation that accompanies hunger.

I wish we all had it spiritually. I wish to God we were desperately hungry for God. Wouldn't it be glorious? It would be a strange thing, if we were all desperately hungry for God, if only one or two got filled in a service.

Blessed are they which do hunger.

Righteousness is just the rightness of God. The rightness of God in your spirit, the rightness of God in your soul, the rightness of God in your body, the rightness of God in your affairs, in your home, in your business, everywhere.

God is an all-around God. His power operated from every side. The artists paint a halo around the head of Jesus to show that there is a radiation of glory from His person. They might just as well put it around His feet or any part of His person.
It is the radiant glory of the indwelling God, radiating out through the personality. There is nothing more wonderful than the indwelling of God in the human life. The supremest marvel that God ever performed was when He took possession of those who are hungry.

Blessed are they which do hunger.

I will guarantee to you that after the Crucifixion of Jesus there were 120 mighty hungry folks at Jerusalem. I do not believe if they had not been mightily hungry they would have gotten so gloriously filled.

It was because they were hungry that they were filled.

Preparation For A Heart-Cry

We are sometimes inclined to think of God as mechanical; as though God set a date for this event or that to occur. But my opinion is that one of the works of the Holy Spirit is that of preparer. He comes and prepares the heart of men in advance by putting a strange hunger for that event that has been promised by God until it comes to pass.

The more I study history and prophecy the more I am convinced that then Jesus Christ was born into the world, He was born in answer to a tremendous heart-cry on the part of the world. The world needed God desperately. They wanted a manifestation of God tremendously, and Jesus Christ as the Deliverer and Savior came in answer to their soul cry.

God's purposes come to pass when your heart and mine get the real God-cry and the real God-prayer into our spirit—and the real God-yearning gets hold of our nature. Something is going to happen then.

No difference what it may be your soul is coveting or desiring, if it becomes in your life the supreme cry, not the secondary matter, or the third, or the fourth, but the FIRST  thing, the supreme desire of your soul; the paramount issue, all the powers and energies of your spirit, of your soul, of your body are reaching out and crying to God for the answer, it is going to come, it is going to come, it is going to come.

A Cry For Deliverance

I lived in a family where for 32 years, they never were without an invalid in the home. Before I was 24 years of age, we had buried four brothers and four sisters, and four other members of the family were dying, hopeless, helpless invalids.

Eventually I set up my own home, married a beautiful woman. Our first son was born. It was only a short time until I saw that same devilish train of sickness that had followed my father's family had come into mine. My wife became an invalid, and my son was a sickly child. Out of it all one thing developed in my nature, a cry for deliverance.

I did not know any more about the subject of healing than an Indian, notwithstanding I was a Methodist evangelist. But my heart was crying for deliverance; my soul had come to the place where I had vomited up dependence on man. My father had spent a fortune on the family, to no avail, as if there was no stoppage to the train of hell.

And let me tell you, there IS NO HUMAN STOPPAGE because the thing is settled deep in the nature of man; too deep for any material remedy to get at it. It takes the Almighty God and the Holy Spirit and the Lord Jesus Christ to get down into the depth of man's nature and find the real difficulty that is there and destroy it.

I want to tell you, if you are a sinner and away from God, and your heart is longing, and your spirit asking, and your soul crying for God's deliverance, he will be on hand to deliver. You will not have to cry very long until you see that the mountains are being moved, and the angel of deliverance will be there.

I finally got to that place where my supreme cry was for deliverance. Tears were shed for deliverance for three years before the healing of God came to us. I could hear the groans and cries and sobs, and feel the wretchedness of our family's soul. My heart cried, my soul sobbed, my spirit wept tears. I wanted to help. I did not know enough to call directly on God for it. Isn't it a strange thing that men do not have sense enough to have faith in God for all their needs; do not know enough to call directly on God for physical difficulties, as well as for spiritual ones? But I did not.

Praying And Believing

But, bless God, one thing matured in my heart, a real hunger. And the hunger of a man's soul must be satisfied, it MUST be satisfied. It is a law of God; that law of God is in the depth of the Spirit. God will answer the heart that cries; God will answer the soul that asks. Christ Jesus comes to us with divine assurance and invites us when we are hungry to PRAY, to BELIEVE, to take from the Lord that which our soul covets and our heart asks for.

So one day the Lord of heaven came our way, and in a little while the cloud of darkness, that midnight of hell, that curse of death was lifted, and the light of God shone into our life and into our home, just the same as it existed in other men's lives and other men's homes.

We learned the truth of Jesus and were able to apply the divine power of God. We were healed of the Lord.

Source: John G. Lake: His Life, His Sermons, His Boldness of Faith
Excerpt permission granted by Kenneth Copeland Publications

Author Biography

John G. Lake
Web site: John G. Lake Ministries
Born in 1870 in Ontario, Canada, John G. Lake fought hard to survive a sorrowful childhood and make a material success of his life. Then, at the age of 37 he gave up all he had-some report he gave up millions-to seek God's divine purpose in his life. Within a year, Lake and his family ventured to Africa, bringing a storm of God's supernatural healing power. After five years, he left the African ministry he began, leaving a heritage of more than 1,000 preachers, 100,000 converts and countless miracles. He then returned to the state of Washington with a stronger faith in Christ and mightier anointing of God's healing power.

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