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The Spirit of Adventure Entrepreneurship
The main reason that I cast the vision of the ProVison Network everywhere I go - and with all the vigor that I can muster - is because I believe that we can change the world.

I believe that if I can instill in enough of you the desire to excel and to take risk that leads to gigantic reward that we will have the capital, both financial and human to beat the devil back to hell. I approach it much like I approached going to Yale from a family that had never sent anyone to any college; like I approached going to New York with no money in my pocket, starting my own business in one of the toughest, most cut-throat industries in the world with no capital at the age of 24.

You need to begin to see yourself in the light of adventure and to see how you can instill this kind of Lewis-and-Clarke passion, this Columbus-like, curiosity into your life. Next, utilize the following information to help steer your course of direction and planning.

The Seven Characteristics of the Adventure Entrepreneur
1) Courage. This beats back two kinds of fear: Apprehension (the fear of "what if") and Material Loss
2) Optimism (start your car and then make the adjustments)
3) Flexibility (the oak and the reed)
4) Belief (Mt. McKinley)
5) Decisiveness: Errors of Commission vs. Errors of Omission
6) Action: Just Do It
7) Imagination: Creative Exercises

Adventure Principles
  • Learn the terrain before you embark. (Study the mistakes and successes of others in your field)
  • Equip yourself well. Study to show yourself approved.
  • Aim for the big game. Don't risk it all where there is no reward.
  • When you encounter a ravine, build a bridge.
  • Focus on your company and your project, not on your competition.
  • Enjoy the small pleasures.
  • Consult your compass frequently.
  • Stomp on the fear of rejection.

Vision - Eight Questions to Ask
1. Where do you want to live?
2. In what kind of home do you want to live?
3. What kind of friends do you want to have?
4. What will be your daily routine?
5. What will be your major sources of challenge and fulfillment?
6. What do you want to do with your money?
7. How much and what kind of impact do you want to have on the people around you?
8. How much and what kind of impact do you want to have on the world?

Eight Core Beliefs of the Adventure Entrepreneur
1) I am an entrepreneur because I love the adventure of business.
I view money as a means to achieving fulfillment and improving the lives of my fellow human beings, not as an end in itself. I chose the entrepreneurial lifestyle because I enjoy the thrill of adventure and the challenge of growing a business.

2) I use my whole being. I apply all my education and use all the skills that I have. I draw knowledge from my reservoir of experience. Every day in business I experience a full mental workout.

3) I appreciate my independence. I am the founder and leader of my entrepreneurial expedition. I am thankful to live in a country where I have the right to pursue my dreams. I am journeying down a path I have chosen. I am in control of my life.

4) I aim high. I have confidence in my ability to grow a phenomenally successful company. I believe in my imagination and my ability. I have the courage to act on my ideas.

5) I am a cautious, alert traveler, risk taker. I take only calculated risks. I strive to lead a sage expedition, to safeguard my lifestyle and the lifestyle of those who accompany me. I make decisions with the knowledge that they have an impact on me, my suppliers, my employees, and all of our families.

6) I have a firm vision. I am journeying toward my North Star. However, I am a flexible traveler. I am open to changing my course to adapt to changes in the environment or to circumvent impediments in the terrain.

7) I take pleasure in the adventure. I savor the smells, sights, and sounds in the jungle of entrepreneurship. I enjoy the process, the daily events that make my business unique. Every hour of my life brings new challenges and pleasures. I celebrate my achievements, both the big and the small. I love what I do every day.

8) I am part of a balanced ecosystem. I recognize my ability and responsibility to improve the society in which I live. I respect the entrepreneurs with whom I do business as essential participants in the ecosystem. They thrive and I thrive. I take and I give. I understand that my actions influence many residents of the jungle, and their actions have an impact on my journey, but it is what I love.

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Author Biography

Dan Stratton
Web site: Faith Exchange
Dan Stratton has been a member of the Wall Street community since 1981, first as a Yale-educated businessman with exceptional acumen, and today as a pastor and entrepreneur with a vision for using the Marketplace to unite the Body of Christ. Stratton’s oratorical style is straightforward, a coach in the half-time locker room, with the Bible as his game plan. Occasionally he lightens the mood by poking fun at himself and then showing the congregation his technique.

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