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What is your response to tough times? Is it to blame it on someone else? Is it to blame it on the economy?
Today is a great day to spend some time praying in the spirit for the perfect will of God to be accomplished and for Him to take care of the people of God and bring revival to our land. He is in control!

This is a great time to be alive and to see God prove Himself strong through all the storms of life. We are talking about being strong! I have to be strong to help others around me be strong. At this very moment, I have friends...

• who need a job

• who have lost a loved one this last week

• with whom the stress and pressures of life are affecting their marriage

• whose kids need to get right with God

• who need healing in their bodies

• who need a financial miracle

What is your response to tough times? Is it to blame it on someone else? Is it to blame it on the economy? Is it to blame on yourself because you made a mistake? (That is the devil's favorite lie!) Is it to blame the situations of life?

God is the source of our strength. He desires for us to come to Him, depend on Him and draw from His presence the strength that we need. We should run to Him, and receive the ability we need to handle any circumstance with the grace that He gives.

To be strong is to be "well fortified, able to sustain attacks, not easily subdued or taken, be well established, firm, not easily overthrown or altered, to be empowered, and to increase in strength."

We have been through several battles in our lives, some have been harder than others. A few years ago a company came after us and their lawyer told us, that they were going to destroy us and our church. It cost thousands of dollars to the lawyers and hours of prayer, but today we are still walking with God and it is almost like that situation never even happened when we talk about it. God taught us to look to Him and be strong and not look at the circumstances.

A few years ago, Cyndy, all of a sudden, could hardly walk, and her main goal for several months was just to get up every day, take a shower and get dressed for the day. Many days she tried to get comfortable so that she could sleep because she was not sleeping for more than four hours a night because she was in so much pain. She has learned to be strong, listening to healing scripture verses and being dependent upon the grace of God in her life to take care of herself physically and spiritually.

Look at yourself in the mirror and speak to your circumstances and situations and confess that you are strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Stir up your faith and change your circumstances for yourself and for kingdom purposes. God has put you here to be a shining light in the darkness, to speak to the situation and use the Word of God and change it.

Just worrying about it or thinking about the situation is not going to change it. The Lord is saying not to worry about finances, not to worry about your healing, or your breakthrough and how it is going to happen, but instead take every thought captive into the obedience of Christ (2 Cor. 10:3-5) and run the race that is set before you (1 Tim. 6:12).

You can be strong in Him!

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Author Biography

Spencer Nordyke
Web site: Nordyke Ministries
Spencer grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and moved to Texas at the age of 17. He loves helping people meditate through the Word of God to so they can unlock God’s destiny for their lives. He has been playing guitar for years and loves to take people into the presence and glory of God.

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