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Dreams have played a significant part in my life since I was a small child. My sister and I used to laugh at the very bizarre dreams I would have occasionally. The vividness of my dreams was sometimes a source of entertainment. At some point in my teens I began to realize that some of these dreams imparted past and present facts that I had no knowledge of. It did not seem that strange to me to have those kinds of dreams because it was a somewhat regular occurrence to hear my Grandmother Capps tell of God speaking to her in dreams about many different situations.

As I read my Bible, I discovered that both the Old and New Testament contains many incidents of divinely inspired dreams. The Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream in I Kings chapter three (I Kings 3:5). In the book of Daniel, King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about his future and only Daniel could interpret it for him (Daniel 4:4-27). Joseph was able to interpret Pharaoh’s dream about the seven years of plenty and seven years of famine (Genesis 41:1-36). As a result of this warning and preparation, his family was saved. The dream he had as a teenager of his brothers bowing down to him came to pass when they appeared to ask for food (Genesis 42:1-6).

In the New Testament, Jesus was protected by God giving Joseph a dream warning him to take Mary and Jesus and flee into Egypt (Matthew 2:13). Over the period of Jesus’ young life, Joseph received instructions through dreams regarding their lives.

Pilate’s wife warned her husband about a dream she had about Jesus (Matthew 27:19).

I keep a journal and when I have a dream that feels significant, I write it down in detail because many times I am prompted to go back and take a look at what I dreamed and find out that it holds important information that I could not interpret at the time.

My Dream
On November 14, 2003 I had a very disturbing dream in which there were large trucks with flashing lights at the front gate of our 40 acre farm. There were many other trucks and vehicles with lights lined up on the road to get onto our property. Out of my window, I could see people opening the gates and some were driving across our yard. I told my husband to get out there quick as I grabbed a protective jumpsuit and ran out the door. I had loaded our pets into plastic carriers into the rear doors of my SUV (which I did not own at that time) and was concerned because they had been in there for so long.

The Old and New Testaments Contain Many Incidents of Divinely Inspired Dreams
As these large vehicles with lights drove across my yard, they ran over things in the yard, messed up our fences, created large ruts in the yard from their weight. People were all over our property, and I couldn’t keep up with where my husband was as I raced all over the property trying to stop this action. When I tried to call my husband on the cell phone, he couldn’t hear me because of the noise and distraction. I later found him working in the hayfield assisting some of the people with equipment. We kept being separated on our own property for some reason. I was very upset. Bulldozers were tearing up the land, cutting roads into our property.

In the dream, I was very distressed and I awoke feeling angry and frustrated. I shared this dream with a few friends and meditated on its meaning, but I had no real understanding. I asked the Holy Spirit for guidance in this matter.

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Annette Capps
Web site: Capps Ministries
Annette Capps is the President and CEO of Capps Ministries, an ordained minister, businesswoman, and licensed airplane pilot. A diversity of experiences created her unique and practical approach to ministry. She brings a balanced message of the supernatural and the natural. This combination of the practical and the prophetic stirs faith in the hearts of audiences.

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