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Vladivostok has been called the Moscow of the Russian Far East (RFE) and has a reputation of being quite rebellious against the authorities in Moscow. Vladivostok is a "Gate Way" city. It is a place through which people and ministries come and go to reach other nations for ministry. Especially the nations that border Vladivostok like China and North Korea.

During the Cold War, Vladivostok was one of the United States' "First Strikes." This city has been a military command center, having a large military presence and equipment. It is Russia's only deep warm water port and home of the Russian Pacific fleet. Vladivostok has also for a long time been a center for cultic activity with having many eastern religions and in recent years western cults have been established there.

Vladivostok (which means the Ruler of the East) has been a closed city to foreigners. During Soviet times, even Russian citizens could not go to this city unless they had special permission. Even after the "Wall" came down in Berlin, Germany in 1989 and freedom came to the Former USSR, it didn't come to Vladivostok. It wasn't until 1992 that the doors where finally opened to this "Gate Way" city in the RFE.

After the doors to Vladivostok were opened many small and large ministries seized the opportunity and began working in Vladivostok. Several of these ministries spent many thousands of dollars planting churches and evangelizing. Yet, today, nearly all the ministries are gone and there is little evidence from all their efforts.

It is not to imply that their work was not good, but there is something very unique about Vladivostok and the region of the RFE. It is a city of approximately 800,000 in population with many Asian people living there, but it does not have any larger established churches as other Russian cities of the similar sizes do.

Jim Harper Ministries has been stationed in Vladivostok since 1998, slowly building the foundation of the Gospel among the local church. Through dedication and perseverance, they have seen some good results, but it has been a tedious task.

I remember the day in prayer, the Lord imparted to our ministry the strategy for breaking the enemy's hold and winning the city of Vladivostok for Christ. An immense assignment called the "Vladivostok Project."

The Lord revealed to me that the natural wars we have here on earth are a copy of what happens in the spiritual realm. With this He outlined a strategy for taking the city of Vladivostok:

  • Communicate the plan with the Christian leaders in the city and ask them to join-in. (mobilizing the Christian Allies.)
  • Conduct several consecutive seminars and end with instructing and demonstrating to the people how enter into spirit-led prayer. (This is taking "air superiority" which is the goal for any army fighting a war.)
  • "Divide and conquer." Take a map and divide the city up into different regions and have focused fervent prayer for each one.
  • There will be a specific order in which the regions will be prayed for. The first two regions will become "Beach-Heads" where we can get a firm stand.
  • Also the Lord said to have good "supply lines" to the troops. In other words keep teaching the Word intensely to the Christians and give them support and encouragement.
  • After the two "Beach-Heads" are established we are to "take the higher ground." This means to have more focused and fervent prayer for the people in authority in the city and region. After this is accomplished the city will fall into the hands of the saints!

Please join with us in prayer for the release of the Lord's work in the city of Vladivostok. As founders of Jim Harper Ministries, my wife Tanya and I are filled with excitement because we know that through the power of prayer we will see a supernatural breakthrough in this region. We will go forth and take the new ground as we conquer the "Ruler of the East".

Author Biography

Jim Harper
Web site: Jim Harper Ministries
Jim ministers with an emphasis on teaching and facilitating unity among believers. For many years now his heart has been stirred to serve the Lord abroad with a calling to the Russian-speaking people wherever they may be. Jim has helped many in this people group to know Christ and grow in their relationship with Him. Jim has also worked in the Far East of Russia. There he assisted the Christian churches in the areas of growth and unity by giving counsel conducting seminars and leadership schools.

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