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I recently had a conversation with the teenage daughter of a soon-to-be missionary family. She had some pretty wild ideas about what it would be like. She was excited, but a bit leery, to say the least.

In an email I wrote to her, I included the following thoughts. If you are a missionary or are considering what I call "the jump to lightspeed" (missions work), here are some thoughts you might want to share with your children, especially if they are teens:
I'll tell you the same thing I tell my children. When God calls a family to go to the mission field, He calls the entire family. That means YOU are called to the mission field as well.

The best thing you can do is to prepare yourself. That is what God has been telling us over and over. We've been in Germany for a year and are only now starting to see the things God has put in our hearts come to pass.

He has been telling us over and over to get prepared because when things start to happen, it will get very busy very quickly. I encourage you to do the same thing...prepare.

What does that mean for you? I think that means a few things....

First, you need to get to know God like never before. It's those that know their God that are strong and do exploits.

Second, spend extra time reading the Bible. God does nothing apart from His Word.

Third, become a student of the culture and the language of the country God where God is sending you. I believe it is wrong for us to expect a German student to give their life to an American God.

God isn't an American! He speaks German, Chinese, Afrikaans, etc. And since Jesus immersed Himself in the language, signs and symbols of first century Palestine, I think we do a disservice to the people we are sent to if we do any less.

Besides, Jesus was at least partly bilingual. He spoke in the language of the occupying Romans and in that of the culture of His birth. Jesus literally got into our skin to reach us.

"The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood..." (John 1:14 The Message).

We need to adopt the same heart. Teens where we live are intrigued by us, since we're Americans, but that only goes so far. If I want to reach large numbers of German students, I will need to do it in the German language, not English.

Robin and I are taking language classes four days a week. I would encourage you to do whatever you can to prepare now. It will make a difference when you get there!

Fourth, I would encourage you to develop your leadership abilities now. What I mean is be involved in a good youth group and church. You can help grow both by praying and putting your heart into them, even when you don't feel like it.

How? Pray for the services and anyone who will have a part in them. Pray for the lost to come. Look for opportunities to invite lost students to come. Look for opportunities to share your faith with lost people.

When the other teens are whining about the youth group or the church, encourage them to stay connected and to get involved. Pull on the Spirit in the that I mean REALLY worship, REALLY pray, REALLY listen and REALLY take notes.
You'll reap what you sow. And if you sow disinterest, you may end up reaping that where you're heading. So sow good things intentionally!

Finally, cut your parents a lot of slack. As hard as the coming move will be on you and your siblings, it is exponentially harder on your parents. They not only have responsibility for themselves, but for the entire family.

They have to make some tough financial, legal and emotional decisions. They have to make these decisions with the limited information that's available. And they have to make these decisions with the entire family in mind.

It has been very tough on us knowing that we are forcing our kids to engage a new environment and culture. Pray for your parents - for wisdom, peace and extra grace. The best way you can help them is by praying for them and preparing yourself.

Whether you realize it or not, since you are the oldest, your siblings look up to you. How you handle the move sets the tone for the other kids. You can help them (and the plan of God) by supporting them and praying for them.

I do want to encourage you that God has great things in store for you. But you need to know that preparation is the key. Jesus prepared 30 years to have three and a half years of ministry.

David was prepared to be king, as a teen, because He learned to hear and respond to the voice of God out in the wilderness with his sheep. Samuel prepared by serving Eli in the temple all those years as a child. And you can prepare now as well....
I hope this advice helps you as you fulfill the Great Commission! May God bless you and strengthen you and your family as you finish your course with joy.

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All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Author Biography

Jon Perrin
Web site: Perrin Ministries
Jon and Robin Perrin met at Bible school. They have over 25 years of ministry experience. Besides their family, their greatest passion is empowering leaders and mobilizing churches to reach the unchurched.

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