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There's a message burning in my heart that I have been preaching every chance I get. I've been preaching it as hard and as fast as I can. The message is to remind the body of Christ that Jesus has left us an inheritance, and it's time that we find out what is in that inheritance so we can take full advantage of what He provided us.

We've Been Redeemed
There's no sense in you going through life just barely getting along. There's no sense in only being able to give a few dollars in the offering on Sunday morning, or worse yet, not a single dime to give. We're the redeemed! We've been redeemed from that kind of life and I'm tired of seeing so many Christians still living that way! It's time we get fed up with that poverty, "never enough" way of living and start living out of the inheritance that Jesus left us, bless God!

I've always liked to watch a good John Wayne movie. Whether the story is true or not doesn't matter to me, but at least John Wayne was the good guy and he always won! He always got his man. No enemy every whipped him. That's what I like! He never quit until he won!

Know Your Enemy
Listening to some preachers makes me wish I had stayed home and watched a good John Wayne movie. The way some preachers talk they can't even identify who the bad guy is. They accuse God of putting all kinds of junk on people just to teach them something. That kind of preaching makes me know that John Wayne always knew who his enemy was!

The devil is your enemy and you had better sit under a preacher who doesn't get him confused with God. I know what I'm talking about because after I got saved I went to a church that tried to teach me how to suffer for God. They said that God made people sick so that He could teach them something. Actually, when I heard that kind of doctrine I recognized it immediately. You see, I was raised Catholic and they tried to teach me in the Catholic church that you were supposed to suffer so God could get some kind of glory from it.

So when I heard that Full Gospel preacher saying the same thing, I immediately recognized it. Sitting under that kind of preaching will keep you from having the inheritance that belongs to you because of what Jesus did for you. Ephesians 1:11 says, "In whom also we have obtained an inheritance&."

What does it mean to obtain an inheritance? When my dad went home to be with the Lord he left a will behind that had my name on it. He named a list of the things that he had left me. I obtained an inheritance.

Now, you have to understand that I wasn't raised in a Christian home. In fact, when someone would ask me about my family tree, I would tell them that my family tree was a nut tree because on both sides of my family they were always in and out of mental institutions.

Running Ever Since
When you're raised in a home without God, there are all kinds of problems. There was a lot of alcoholism in the family. I was headed down the same road, but thank God, when I was 26 years old, I was sitting on a bar stool, not bothering God and not bothering the devil, and a voice spoke to me and said, "You're going to go all over the world preaching the Gospel." Two weeks later, I went to the altar of a Full Gospel church, gave my heart to Jesus and I've been running ever since.

When I got saved, I was the only one in my family at the time who was saved, so it was impossible for me to have any kind of fellowship with them. I loved them, but there was no common ground for fellowship anymore. Although my dad got saved a couple of years before he died, he didn't understand the ministry and what I was called to, so we never grew to be too close.

In fact, when he died I didn't expect to even be named in his will, but when I received a copy of his will and saw my name in it, it just did something to me. It meant a lot to me to know that my dad had left me an inheritance.

Jesus Left You Much
Well, Jesus left you an inheritance and in that inheritance is provision for everything you will ever need to be a success in this life. Did you know that Jesus made provision for every need you will ever encounter in life to be supplied? Philippians 4:19 tells us, "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

If you fail to take full advantage of your inheritance, you will go without, you'll barely be able to make ends meet, you'll never have enough and life will always be a struggle. But why live that way when you have an inheritance?

The key to walking in your inheritance is for you to have a spirit of wisdom and a spirit of revelation in the knowledge of Jesus and what He did for you at Calvary. The eyes of your understanding (the eyes of your heart) need to be enlightened.

How does this happen? Through the Word.

The more you soak yourself in the Word of God, the more clear these things will be to you, the more you will see what is yours because of what Christ did for you, the more you will see what is in your inheritance. There's health, peace, joy, prosperity, and much more in your inheritance.

The Tools To Do The Job
Before I went into the ministry I worked construction. Whenever I was hired for a job, the employer always provided all the equipment and tools I would need to complete the job. Wouldn't it be something if I was hired to construct a building but the employer said, "I want this building constructed, but I'm not going to give you any lumber, saws, nails, concrete, or anything!" Well, I couldn't even begin without those supplies and he would never get the job done.

Don't you think God is as smart as an employer who knows if he wants a job done that he's going to have to provide the equipment and machinery to get it done? God has made provision for you to fulfill the assignments He gives you in life. No matter what He has called you to. Where is the provision? In your inheritance!

Has He called you to own a business? Then in your inheritance is every piece of equipment you're going to need to be a success in that business. You don't have to labor without the equipment. Just make a withdrawal on your inheritance. Name what it is you need.

Make a list of the things you need this year to fulfill the job God has called you to. Lay that list before the Lord, tell Him that you know that all of it is met in your inheritance and rest in His provision. Keep thanking Him that all your needs are met through the riches provided by Christ Jesus.

Has God called you to the full-time ministry? Then in your inheritance is every piece of equipment and every helper you need to fulfill the call on your life. Your inheritance has in it the buildings, the vehicles, the equipment and supplies you need.

Make a list of what you are going to need in the next year to get the job done. Lay those needs before the Lord and with your faith make a withdrawal on your inheritance. There's no struggle, no care, no worry , only rest.

Your inheritance will never run dry. Keep making those withdrawals from it with your faith. Don't neglect your inheritance. It's provided for you so that you can have every need supplied.

Ed Dufresne Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.


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Ed Dufresne
Web site: Ed Dufresne Ministries
Dr. Ed Dufresne was a bold and compassionate minister with over 49 years in the ministry. In 1971, God put a tangible healing anointing in Dr. Dufresne's right hand, and since then he had traveled over 11 million air miles carrying that healing anointing to this generation.

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