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I have never shared a message quite like this before, but I really felt compelled to talk to you about it as you reach for your dreams.

You know I'm passionate about teaching you to plan, to set goals, trust God, and to hold on to a vision for your life. However, this single attribute is the advantage to accelerate (or absolutely destroy) your potential for success. It's... your integrity.

Your integrity is your biggest asset to bring increase or biggest expense that could cost you your future. 

You've seen the headlines when there's been a lack of integrity. Consider athletes like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong who were once highly regarded. They've lost hundreds of millions of dollars, and so much more, due to issues of integrity.

Do you remember the musical artists Milli Vanilli? They won a Grammy Award for "Best New Artist" in 1990. Shortly after, their cover was blown when it was discovered they didn't actually sing on their album! The Grammy was taken from them. The shame from a lack of integrity began to take its toll on the performers and, eventually, one of them overdosed on alcohol and pills.

Integrity means that what we say and what we do match. It's being the same in front of people and when nobody's looking, knowing that God's always watching. I never want to give you the impression that you can just live any way you want, as long as you have a vision board and speak positively, God will bless it! No. God rewards those who honor Him and His standards. Integrity gives you a supernatural advantage.

I wouldn't even want to try to succeed or achieve any of the dreams in my heart without God's help and His favor on my life. How about you?

Here are three areas we all need to develop our integrity:

1) Practice integrity with God.

That simply means that you love what God loves and you hate what God hates. As Joyce Meyer says, "Never justify what your conscience condemns." Do your best to live "above reproach." In other words, if it looks wrong, if it could appear wrong, don't do it. If you're in a situation right now you know doesn't honor God, it's keeping doors of favor closed, and it's time to make a firm decision to obey what God's telling you to do. I would never want to displease God in order to please someone else. No, it's not always easy, but it's worth it. God always rewards obedience. Your character is more important than your comfort. Live by the standard of God's Word and He'll open doors for you that no man can shut.

2) Practice integrity with yourself.

If you say you're going to do something, do it. Whether it's convenient or inconvenient, follow up your promises with actions. If you say you're going to exercise five days a week, then rain or shine, you put your gym clothes on and go. This will thrust your motivation into high gear and your confidence will boost to a whole new level! Act on this integrity principle by picking one thing you'll commit to doing consistently for the next 90 days. Perhaps it's arriving on time every place you go, driving a clean car, reading a Bible chapter every day, keeping your kitchen consistently clean, or praying over your vision board every morning. Make a decision with yourself that you will stick to your word in the small things (and the big things), and watch God honor your commitments.

3) Practice integrity with others.

In the early years of my dad's ministry, he made a $12,000 financial pledge to an organization. When he got home from preaching, he discovered the extra finances had been used on something else while he was out of town. He no longer had the money, but he still had the pledge. He decided whenever more money came in, he would fulfill the pledge. Every time he received extra money to send, something would happen and consume it. This went on and on, until finally, he decided to give up on it. He rationalized, "He doesn't need my pledge anyway. Besides I don't have it to give anymore." Months later, my dad's partners pledged towards a ministry project he was doing; however, only a very small percentage of those pledges were actually fulfilled. In a desperate time of prayer, he said, "God these people pledged! They said they would send this money in and they haven't! This is pitiful." The Lord asked, "What are you fussing about?" Dad responded, "Lord, I cannot do what You asked me to do without what they promised they were going to send." Then, he got real spiritual and said, "Lord, why don't Your people obey You?" The Lord told him, "I am wondering the same thing about you!" It dawned on my dad that he never fulfilled that $12,000 pledge! That's all he needed to hear. He made keeping his word a priority, got aggressive with his faith, believed for the money, and fulfilled that pledge! There was a distinct breakthrough in his ministry finances and the favor of God showed up!

Here's a very important reason to develop a life of integrity... When we don't keep our word, we begin to think God doesn't keep His.

Why is integrity so vital? Because it's a heart issue. God will change your circumstances, but He'll change you first. He works from the inside out. God will do things in your life far beyond what you thought was possible when you live a life of integrity!

As you practice integrity with God, yourself, and others, you'll walk in a supernatural advantage and stand in awe of what God does!

Copyright ©  Terri Savelle Foy Ministries
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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